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Things You Should Never Say To An Influencer

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Do you have a friend or family member who is an influencer? I bet you don’t know this, but it is possible that you’ve said something to them about their career that made them want to tell you off or (if they are as irritated as me) even slap you. Being an influencer has a lot of misconceptions. I absolutely LOVE being an influencer. It is my favorite thing in the entire world. However, I have received my fair share of BS commentary from people when asked what I do and that is what inspired this post.

If you’re an influencer, feel free to weigh in and express your thoughts. You can also add some things that have been said to you that made you immediately want to roll your eyes.

Things You Should Never Say To An Influencer

  1. “So all you do is post pictures and videos.” NO ma’am/sir that is NOT all that we do. Usually this question or statement is made in this judging tone as if what I do is just be vein (I even had a person once tell me after making this statement that it sounds like a bunch of narcissists getting paid to be full of themselves.). I can tell you now that a LOT of research, strategy, and a lot of times even money goes into being an influencer.                                                   

  1. “Must be cool not to have a real job.” This really annoys me. My job is different than yours, yes. It takes a different skill set and no I am not hauling a bunch of boxes in a warehouse with a forklift. That doesn’t make it any less of a job than yours. It is kind of disrespectful and it is usually this particular comment that makes me wanna slap you… I say this in the nicest way possible:)

  2. “You’re lucky to have such an easy job.” Being an influencer is HARD. I have to put in so much time and research into each post that I do. I have to have meetings with brands, do proposals, send out cold emails if I wanna make money or have brands work for me. I have to constantly make sure I am ahead of marketing strategies so that my pages stay relevant. This is things I have to do for my blog AND my social media. It is a LOT of work and a lot of influencers are out here only getting free stuff and puts in a LOT of work only to make maybe ONE affiliate sale a month. You have to HUSTLE to make it as an influencer.                                                                      

  1. “That’s nice but I like having to actually work.” Just read anything above to address this one.

There are actually quite a few things I could think of that people have said to me that made me roll my eyes so hard I saw the back of my BRAIN. So, before you open your mouth thinking that being an influencer is an easy job and anybody can do it… let me see you try and then come back to me in six months and let’s see how you feel about the work you have to put in then.

This blog posts feels a lot like a rant… but that’s kind of what it was. I felt a lot of people needed to hear this because a lot of people have the influencer game TWISTED. At any age, being an influencer is a big responsibility and a lot of work.

What are some things you have heard said to influencers that aggravated you? Are you an influencer or do you know one? Comment down your thoughts on the matter below.


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