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How To Be Consistent As A Blogger

I know that blogging is a LOT of work. And it's hard out here... BUT it is definitely doable.

So here is how I am able to be a consistent blogger out here!


Know your target

In order to create content that best fits your audience, you need to know who your audience is. This will help you consistently come up with content that will successfully relate to your audience and bring more people in.

Create a schedule that makes sense for you

Some people try and pop out making 3 blog posts a week or posting daily (the most), but then cannot commit to that because it doesn't actually make sense for their lives. You don't have to post a blog all the time in order to be a successful blogger. Marketing is a bigger part of a successful blog than how often you create. I post a blog once a week. I know some well off bloggers who post one every two weeks or even once a month. It is up to you and your life and how often you think you can create.

Break up blogging tasks

Basically, break down the different things you do that it takes in order to create your content so that you don't feel overwhelmed.

Bulk create

I am a SERIOUS believer in bulk creating. Why? Well, for one.. it allows you to capitalize on your creativity when it is present because as a creator... it doesn't always last. Sometimes we go periods of time where we aren't motivated to create a single thing. I suffer from Depression & Anxiety and that can impact my creativity greatly and bulk creating is one of the ways I manage that and still show up in my business on my blogs (can read my e-book where i go more into details about this here).

Brain dumping

It is best to get all your ideas out onto paper or in your notes. Later, you can look at it and cipher through to see what you can use as a piece of content. I have a notebook just COVERED in blog post ideas.

Stop making excuses

One of the things I HAVE to emphasize on is how important it is that you not make excuses and be honest with yourself about where you are and why you are where you are. It is nobody else's responsibility but yours which means until YOU step up to the plate... things simply won't get done.

Schedule content

I LOOOVE scheduling content. It keeps things going up when it should be and I know my audience can expect my blogging content because it is scheduled to come out consistently whether I am available to manually post or not.

Repurpose content

USE OLD POSTS and emphasize on them or add more information to them. Sometimes I go back and look on content I created when I first started blogging and realize how much my opinion or my routine has changed since then. It is important to create FRESH content that is relevant to the now and old content can help you do that.

Y'all ready to be consistent bloggers?

Comment down below your blog sites and I will see about your website.

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