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Blogging VS. YouTube

I am both a blogger and a YouTuber and I have been for awhile. A lot of times I get asked which is better and so I am going to share the pros and cons of both and why I like both.

So if you are trying to figure out which to get into, here's my take.


Blogging community is more positive.

The YouTube community is actually full of some of the most narcissistic, evil, hateful, shade throwing people I have ever experienced all in one place. Now, if you look carefully and are choosey you can find great connections, but I have found that positivity is a much easier find in the blogging community.

YouTube has more creative diversity.

YouTube is the only platform I've seen where you can literally do ANYTHING. You can type just about anything in search and you'll find it. Blogging is great, but I don't find as much creativity in bloggers and even some of my own creative ideas cannot be relative to blogging.

Blogging has less restrictions

This is MY blog. There is no demonetizing it. I own my own site and therefore nobody can control how I talk over here. I love that. I can control where and how often I post affiliate links. NOBODY CAN TELL ME NOTHING. I can tell stories if I want (let me know if y'all wanna hear stories). On YouTube, I end up having to worry about all YouTube's guidelines because YouTube owns everything. So while, yes, I can be creative... I also feel like my creativity is very stifled.

Writing vs. Recording

My recording and writing routines have changed lately, but I am all about bulk content. I will admit that writing blogs is easier for me because editing videos is so time consuming that I can only really edit maybe two videos in an hour IF one of the videos isn't a vlog. However, I am a writer. Writing is what I love to do and I enjoy the process more... I can also get through it faster.

Both are good for business

If you are a business owner such as myself, using both to push your business or service can be very lucrative. I end up getting lots of leads to my business and sales to my digital products utilizing my blog and my YouTube Channel.

Because of both YouTube and this blog I have two separate kinds of people in my audience but I love both sides. They both have things I love and things I am not crazy about/

Do you prefer YouTube or blogging?