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Why the numbers matter?

I know people (and myself included) say that the numbers don't matter, but that is only kind of true. In actuality the numbers can matter very much... and here is why.


They show you what's working

Keeping track of your analytics is also keeping track of what content your audience is and is not loving. You want to be noticing the numbers so that you can continue to provide the best type of content for your followers to keep them engaged. It gives you guidance for content curation.

They keep you accountable for your growth

How do you know if you are growing if you are not paying attention to your growth? Checking your analytics is you h9lding yourself accountable and showing up consistently for your audience.

So, don't get OBSESSED with the numbers, but utilizing them properly would allow you to grow your social media more than you think.

Are you keeping track of your analytics?