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IG Ads - Are they worth it?

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

A lot of my consulting clients ask me about whether or not they should be investing in Instagram ads or if they are even worth it. So, I decided to create an entire blog post to better answer this question!

Are Insta Ads Worth it?

Instagram has recently made organic growth a little bit harder, I'll admit. They've restricted how active an account is allowed to be. They are beginning to limit how many likes and comments you can give out to your target audience.

As most platforms are beginning to do, Instagram has made organic growth slightly less effective in order to promote the usage of their ads. However, Instagram organic growth is still very much possible and so a lot of people are still wondering if ads are worth the investment.

Even still, According to medium's website, Insta ads has driven more than 1 BILLION users to action. Wouldn't you want a piece of that? I definitely did and began to use Instagram ads and playing around to see how well they'd work in terms of engagement and conversions.

Here are some factors you should consider when deciding if this would benefit you:

1. Where is your target audience? What does your demographics say about what social platforms your audience is using more? Where are they making the most purchases? Where that is, should dictate where you should invest your coins for ads.

2. Where is your niche talked about the most? Where does the conversation of YOUR businesses niche come up most?

Now, do they actually work?

In a word: YES, Instagram ads do work, but they don't work for everybody all of the time. You have to be willing to try different ad strategies, locations, and audience targets to find what is YOUR sweet spot. it's an investment but can be EXTREMELY lucrative.

A marketing expert recently told me that your target audience IS most likely going to be found (whether on a large scale or a small scale) on Instagram. I, personally, believe that Instagram ads work if you find the sweet spot. From what I have seen and researched, there is no, one-size fits all strategy to Insta ads, but as it continuously evolves, I have seen the most success in conversions when advertising to the local audiences for my clients and where they are set up.

When should you start using IG ads?

This is another FAQ of my consulting clients and I always give the same answer. I would advise that you start with organic growth. There's no reason to rush into advertisements. I grew on my influencer page to 10K without the use of ads so clearly you can make good headway without ads. However, like I said earlier, you don't want to miss out on that 1 billion, right? So I would get a good, smooth, organic strategy that leads to clear cut conversion and is bringing in a good amount of traffic. Then, once that is running like clock-work and producing some decent results, then I would look into investing in ads.


Shoot me an email or a DM on social media and ask how I can help take things like ads, etc off of your hands!

Have you tried Instagram Ads? What has been your experience?

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