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How To Find Your Target Audience

Are you wanting to start your online career via your business or your brand but don't know who to reach?

I recently was speaking with a potential client who struggled with this. She was multi-passionate and felt as if having a "too specified" target audience would stifle her goals and minimize her growth.

The truth is without a target audience, your business will SUFFER. You cannot market to EVERYBODY because people are individuals. Having a target audience gives you a specific people to reach out to and grow your audience.

So how do you find yours?

How To Find Your target audience

Identify your passions

What excites you? What do you WANT to do every single day and get paid for?

Write down what problems you solve with these passions

I am passionate about positivity. I am passionate about being a girl boss and succeeding. I am passionate about following your dreams. So, I create content that makes people smile, teaches people about self development and entrepreneurship tips, and I help my fellow girl bosses grow their brands using social media with my social media management and coaching services. How can you use your passions to solve problems?

Ask yourself who has this problem

This is the important part. WHO would benefit MOST from these services. Please don't say "i can help anybody". That's actually not accurate. You, yourself, have your own way of approaching solving the problems you solve. That means that only certain people can actually find the value. YOU have a perfect audience that would absolutely love you and everything that you do.

Come up with your imaginary "PERFECT CLIENT/CUSTOMER"

When I first heard this I thought it was ridiculous.. until i tried it. I ended up using it to specify my target audience even further. My perfect client's name is Tiffany. I know everything about her. She works in an office, but she has a side hustle of being a public speaker, online influencer, and book writer. She is in her 40's and hates social media. Now, of course not every client I have fits this. I have clients who are in their 20's and 30's, but there is always some basic things that my best clients tend to have and I couldn't be happier about this list because it changed how I created content.

Answer these questions:

- Age

- Name

- Occupation

- Place of residence

Need help deciding on a target? Book a coaching call with me!

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