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How To Use Instagram For Your Business

Marketing and Social media pretty much go hand in hand these days. Its important to be online for your business.

My consulting clients always ask me how to use social media, namely Instagram (cause that’s what we’re talking about) for their business. So, I am going to go ahead and drop this knowledge so you can use Instagram for your business properly.

How To Use Instagram For Your Business

Make your account a business account

This is important for analytics and keeping up with how your audience is responding to your posting strategy.

Utilize the link in your profile & bio

Keeping your link to your business website is a key that too many people don’t actually do. This allows leads to possible customers and clients.

Engage with your TARGET AUDIENCE

Now if you don’t know who you’re targeting, you need to get that together FIRST Before all of this that comes after this Tip. But a lot of people engage, but not enough people are being specific in how they engage and who they engage with.

PLAN content with value!

When planning what to post, make sure you’re answering a question that your audience needs answered. Fulfill a need.

Use call-to-actions

While giving value, remind your audience of your services or products to lead to clicks. Call-to-actions basically means that you are requiring of your audience to take an action. This could be a question or telling them about a link or service they should take part in.


Hashtags are an important way to gain the attention of your audience. Researching what they are looking up So you can be sure to use that in your hashtags that you put out.

Work with influencers.

As an influencer and a business owner I can see the appeal of working with both large and micro influencers to promote your products. It is an investment, but it’s a great way to get advertisement and attention for your products or services. Use influencers to help you put the word out.

Be consistent

This does NOT mean post every day. I don’t know why people get it in their mind that they have to post a million times a day to have a successful social media account. A few quality posts a week is better than a bunch of subpar posts every single day. It’s about quality and CONSISTENT quality rather than quantity. But it is important to keep showing up for your audience.

These are my basic tips for using Instagram for your business.

Book a consult for a deep dive into your socials and we can talk about how you can get started on the right track for your business!

How do you use Instagram for your business?


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