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How To Level Up As An Influencer

Are you wanting to start actually making money as an influencer? Are you wanting to create real brand that is going to take off and build a genuine community?

If you feel as if you are stuck where you are as an influencer and aren't sure how to move forward, you've come to the right blog post.

How To Level Up As An Influencer

Realign yourself with your niche/mission

Make sure that you are still passionate about what you're doing. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the niche game that we forget how important authenticity is in growing a brand. People fall in love with YOU and THEN your brand or business. Make sure that you are in alignment with your niche and if you are not... time to switch things up so that you ARE passionate about what you're doing.

Ask your audience what they love and what they want from you

It is important to see what is working and what is not... by simply asking. Take note of how your audience is voting.

Multiple Income Streams

Do NOT focus on just one way to make money as an influencer. It doesn't matter in which aspect you create content, you want to make sure you are diversifying your income. I do a.) Sponsored Posts, b.) Affiliate Programs, c.) Sell my own digital products. It's important not to put your eggs in one basket and influencer or not, it's always best to have multiple sources of income.

Place yourself in front of brands you wanna work with

Be PROACTIVE. No, I am not saying to necessarily cold contact them, although I am for pitching. I am saying to interact. Tag them in posts. Start with smaller brands that fit the area of influence you have and work your way up. You'll be surprised at how often brands start reaching out to you.

Set SPECIFIC goals and make plans to achieve them

Being an influencer is more than posting strategic pictures. You have to be proactive as I said before. Set a followers goal. Set a conversion goal. Make sure you are creating engagement and posting strategies so that you can achieve these goals. (To learn how I can help with that as a social media coach, message me or book a call here!)

Be transparent

Be honest about your struggles online. You'll find more support than you ever imagined online.

Plan out your content properly

Campaign strategies should have a purpose and goals. Often, my social media management clients have themes per week so that we can have purpose and aren't posting randomly with no guidance. That can decrease the quality that you're posting with.

Check your an analytics regularly... but not obsessively

You do not need to check how many followers you are getting daily. I check my analytics for all of my socials, blog, YouTube channel, etc once a week and compare them to what my goals were. I do the same at the end of the month. Other than that I try to steer cleat of consistent checking. The numbers game is a dangerous one. I have had clients with over 10K followers who are making no money and clients with less than 3K who gets booked consistently. It's all about the quality, not the quantity.

Are you ready to level up as an influencer?


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