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How To Be A Successful Influencer During A Pandemic

There has been a lot of talk about how being an influencer looks during this pandemic. I recently came across this really amazing video on Adweek where the CEO of influencer marketing agency Takumi, spoke about challenges and opportunities for influencer today. Some are saying that this Is the best time for influencers. Some are saying that influencers are doomed to fail and coming to the end of an era. You can make so much money as an influencer except for a few things:

  1. There are more people trying to make money online now than ever before.

  2. There are businesses stopping their advertising Using influencers due to a slow down in their production.

This makes it sounds as if it’s look very bleak for influencers. Is that true? In this article from prweek they dive deep into who is impacted by this pandemic and who is thriving as influencers during this pandemic. Personally, I agree that now is the time for influencers to THRIVE. I was worried at first because so many businesses were laying people off and downing their services and influencer programs, but at the same time we are in a position to be PROACTIVE as influencers and do more than ever before.

Is this the end of the influencer era?

HELL NO. As a matter of fact, this is just the beginning. We are entering our golden age. Why and how?

More people are online than ever before. More people are buying online than ever before. More people are looking for distractions, Hope, and encouragement online than ever before.

How To Utilize This Time As An Influencer


Now is the time to prove you’re really a creative entrepreneur. Now is the time to prove you’re really an influencer. Give your audience value and get back in touch with the creative side of you. Create videos. Create e-books and courses. Create WHATEVER you think your audience needs right now. If you’re a travel YouTuber or blogger or social media influencer, now is a great time to share your knowledge and things you’ve learned in your travels and people are DAYDREAMING about getting out there and want to hear more about how they can when everything is over.

Search for the brands that have upped their marketing

Right now there are more businesses that are reaching out to influencers as the online market grows. These companies are finding ways to grow their outreach. I have been more proactive as an influencer than ever before and because of this I have found myself with more brand deals and offers than ever before Because the opportunity is out there more than we realize. We are reaching a PIVOTAL digital age and businesses are taking ADVANTAGE.

Join An Influencer Marketing Program

My favorites has been intellifluence. Sites like this one and dealspotr (another fave) help connect influencers with brands that are actively searching for influencers. They take on your social media info (YT, Blog, IG, etc) and use that to show you brands that would work with you and you can choose whatever fits your brand best. I’ve had a lot of success using intellifluence. And they have a lot of variety in the kind of brand deals they offer.

Stop stressing

It can be scary working for yourself right now. So many people are trying to jump into your career. But our energy is important. If you start thinking the worse, the worse happens. I spent two weeks having anxiety attacks and crying thinking oh all is lost, but in actuality, I was in a position to do more than ever before because I have a larger audience to reach. We will all get through this.


I challenge you, as an influencer and/or creator to take this time of uncertainty and confusion to influencer your community and audience in a way that you’ve never done before. As an influencer our jobs is to do exactly that: INFLUENCE.

So I challenge you to remember that as influencers, we can make a difference in this time and whatever your niche is, there is a way for you to come and dominate this time.

How has this pandemic influenced you in your life?