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Winter Morning Routine | Girl boss edition

If you know me you know that I am all about morning routines. I absolutely love waking up in the morning, getting stuff done, and feeling like I have accomplished so much by noon when most people are just getting over their morning irritation.

So, I am going to share my routine with you that is how I manage to start my day off right mentally so I can be my best throughout the day.

Winter Morning Routine


The first thing I usually do in the mornings is have some meditation time. I am not much of a meditator so this usually only lasts about five minutes but I admit that I enjoy my five minutes of quiet time with no heavy thoughts.

Prayer and devotion

Next, I usually pray immediately and then while I am brewing my morning coffee I do some bible reading. This doesn't work for everyone who doesn't believe in God, but it works for me. This allows me to start my morning in the right head space. When I do this I find myself a lot slower to anger throughout the day. Tip: A healthy tip is while I am doing all of these things, I am not looking at my phone so I can focus on myself and not allow the needs and thoughts of others to distract me.

Coffee and Reading

I usually spend at least thirty minutes reading a book so that I can start my day with learning and motivation (or entertainment depending on the book) as I enjoy my coffee. Coffee drinking is a beautiful part of my day and I relish in every sip, ESPECIALLY since I have regulated myself to only 1-2 cups in the morning (a recovering coffee-holic I am)


I am starting weight training soon, but usually in the mornings I am doing yoga. I stretch and take deep breaths so my mind can be relaxed and also get some well needed exercise in.


The most important meal of the day, serving it up RIKKI'S WAY. I love me some good ole breakfast, but I am not usually in the mood for breakfast food so I a lot of the time end up eating a dinner food like leftovers for breakfast.

Start working for the day

It is around this time I get started with my to do list for the day. I usually feel pretty clear headed and ready to be productive by now.

So there you have it. I actually enjoy my morning routine and that's the whole point. The things you do in the morning should be things you both love and are beneficial to your mental health at the same time. So it should be something you WANT to do and make a habit of in the morning.

What does your morning routine look like?

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