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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship As An Entrepreneur in 2021

I have been a business owner for almost three years and I have been in a relationship for over four years. I love my business and I loves my babes.

But it isn't easy to balance a relationship as an entrepreneur and I tend to wear many hats and do different kind of businesses.

So, here is how I manage to balance both and have a business that's growing and have a healthy relationship at the same time.


Be upfront

Let your partner or potential partner know that you are on or are about to go on a life changing journey. Let them know that this will change how much availability you have for them. Give them the choice to accept that you need this for you or allow them to leave for someone who wants to be on the same page as them. That is completely up to them and even if it hurts, you will only resent them or vise versa if the conversation is ignored.

Set boundaries on both ends

You need to set clear, cut boundaries in both your relationship AND in you business. You need to communicate with your partner what they NEED in order to make them feel loved in this relationship and set boundaries in your business to try and meet those needs. You also need to set boundaries with your partner so that you can have the space in your business to work hard enough and focus so you can guilt-free supply those needs for them.

Quality time = Key

The time you spend together will be important so when you're with them, BE WITH THEM. Focus and make sure you are putting your business to the side during your time together.

When you're listening to them... LISTEN

This is similar to the previous tip but also holds its own weight. Your partner may not be an entrepreneur (or maybe they are) but they also have their own things going on and just like you need an outlet, so do they. So if you are ignoring them or answering emails when they are talking to you, it can cause a lot of hostility and resentment.

Choose your partner wisely

Choose someone who is understanding and supportive of you having something of your own. A relationship where your independence is not supported and encouraged will lead to an uphill battle and a likely ugly end. So make sure when you are dating you are clear about your standards and needs in a partner as an entrepreneur. It can make it slightly more difficult to find a partner but one you do find will be well worth it and trust me, you do not want to sacrifice your independence and passions for a relationship..

Choose your battles

The time you have together is precious. So do not waste it lingering in arguments and disagreements. Be quick to listen and quick to apologize and try to come up with a compromise. Be honest with each other about things but also be forgiving and empathetic. Don't try and prolong an argument just to be right. It wastes precious togetherness time.

How do you be sure to be attentive in your relationship while staying a firecracker in your business?