Reflection of 2018 and Goals for 2019!

You guys… ITS THE END OF 2018! Can you believe that? This year seemed to just zoom by (except the last couple months that seemed to just draaaag on). I cannot believ all that has happened this year. For those of you who may not know… my life has literally be turned UPSIDE DOWN this year.

This has been one of the greatest/worst years of my life. This year I went through some of the BEST times ever. I experienced having my own place with my name ALONE on the lease for most of the year. I was able to start my own business and start not one, but TWO youtube channels. And I was able to FINALLY go self-hosted on this blog!

However, I also had some of the WORST experiences of my life this year. I almost got evicted from my own place MULTIPLE times. I lost my job that I thought I’d always have and Love (as a daycare teacher) in January and for some reason could NOT find consistent work which is extremely unusual for me. I’ve always been able to find work. ALWAYS, but this year I struggled (until about now).

Still, I have been able to still start my own business doing what I love to do (I am a social media manager, consultant, and writer). Entrepreneurship is very difficult, but I soon realized I was definitely built for this kind of hustle.

Needless to say, this year has had many ups and downs. So let’s start with some of the major blessings and see the bright side of things!

Blessings of 2018! 

  1. I got to see my best friend. After my best friend (also a fellow blogger and youtuber) and I reconnected last year we literally only got to see each other ONE time! That’s just criminal, right?? Well, finally this year I got to see her. Just once, but we WILL be fixing that in 2019 (I know you’re going to read this so … be prepared to see more of me this upcoming year)! Anyway, I was so glad to see her. I miss her. 

  1. My business is growing. I love helping people grow their social media, so I am sure you can imagine just how exciting it is to see my social media management and consulting business grow! The more that people are seeing what I’m doing, the more clients are coming my way! It’s super exciting!

  2. I got a new job. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to write this down as a blessing because I hadn’t planned on getting another job and the circumstances around it weren’t exactly ideal, but in actuality, once I got into it, I really enjoy it. I forgot how I loved being a nanny and taking care of the little ones until I saw the adorable smile on the new kid I nanny for and it all came rushing back how much I loved doing this as well! So I’m very happy to be back at this! It is making time management a MUST more than ever before and I am struggling to adjust, but you guys know me, I always manage to find my happy medium no matter how hectic my schedule is and if I ever get overwhelmed… I’ll take a break. Plus… money! (Ya girl tired of being broke)

  3. I got to spend Christmas with family. This Christmas did not at all turn out how I thought it would. My love ended up going out of town for the week, which made me sooo sad. Then, we had two extra guests that I wasn’t expecting. But I was with family and we really enjoyed each other’s company. It was a great Christmas despite the fact that I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit the whole month until probably Christmas Eve. I am always happy to be with my family.

  1. I gained a new sense of direction and motivation. This is probably the best thing that happened this year. I started this year off LOST. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had no job. I was so depressed and unhappy for the first half of the year. Then it came to my attention that I always told people to do what they loved. Then I thought about this blog. I thought about how much I love to write. I thought about how I always helped my friends and my friends friends grow their social media for fun. I realized so much about myself this year it’s INSANE. Now, I have my feet planted firmly and I’m READY to go into this New Year and reach the next level! I’m so excited about it! I’m pumped because I know blessings are to come. 2019 will be LIT.

2019 Goals!

  1. Raise my credit. It’s time to get smarter with my money and start thinking about the future. So this year I will be intentionally taking steps to raise my credit and get more financially healthy.

  2. Reach new levels in my business! I love what I do (as I’ve said 1,000 times already) and I have worked HARD to get my business where it is now and grow my clientele to where it is now. I’m super proud of myself and the hard work that I’ve done! Now it’s time to go to the next level! I intend on filling my client roster, learning about new platforms to add to what I can do for my clients, learn more ways to market myself! I’m super stoked for all that’s to come and the grind is JUST beginning!

  3. Do more collaborations on YouTube and this Blog! I love supporting other youtubers and bloggers and it just occurred to me in the past few months that I haven’t done ANY collaborations. I think I might’ve done some guest posters in October .. but I’m not even sure about that. It’s ridiculous. But I’ve done ZERO collaborations on YouTube and I have not done any for real on this blog and I want to change that. I want to get more involved with reaching out to others who do the same things as me. So, if you’re a blogger or youtuber in a somewhat related niche as me, HIT ME UP!

Grow and Monetize my YouTube Channels. My Youtube Channels (CherishingFlo And J&E TV) are serious passion projects of mine and I would LOVE to be able to make an income from ALL of the passions that I have. Now, rather I make money from it or not… I’ll  never stop. But just imagine getting paid to just get up and do a bunch of stuff you love to do every day all day. It’s such an amazing thought! So that’s a goal of mine. Of course to do this… I’ll need to majorly step my game up for both the YouTube channels, but I WILL. I have lots planned! Just stay tuned and make sure you check those channels out!

  1. Start getting serious about saving. I always SAY I’m going to save, but I never take it seriously. It’s time I stared taking it seriously and really disciplining myself to CUT the online shopping and fast food eating and save some money. I want to upgrade our living situation at some point (   nothing is wrong with it now. I just have a bougie imagination) and I need to be able to afford it without emptying my bank account. Plus, we need an emergency fund. It’s super important to have one and we don’t and I want to fix that in this New Year. So I will be being a LOT more frugal.

I have more goals, but these are the only ones I want to share. The others are either super private OR I want you guys to just be surprised when you see them come true and know you’ve been here with me since the BEGINNING! You guys… I’m so stoked!

Was 2018 a good or bad year for you? What were some of your highlights and big moments of 2018? Are you ready for 2019? What are some of your goals? LETS TALK IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW!

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