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August's Highlights/Blessings

Another MONTHLY BLESSINGS post! I love these posts because they are basically just reflecting on the amazing things that has happened for me lately. I hope that these can both encourage you and remind you to always reflect on your wins. There's enough negativity in the world. So let's talk about the positive!

August's Blessings


Depression, Anxiety, & Entrepreneurship is now available for $7 on my website! I am super excited about it and the feedback from people who have read it has been absolutely amazing! You can still purchase yours here.

Got a Latte machine

Don’t judge lol. I was tired of spending so much money on lattes and cappucinos... so I bought a latte machine and am now my own burista! I am saving money and also enjoying my morning coffees TREMENDOUSLY!

Credit Score Went Up!

Not only did it go up but it went up by 50 points! I was shook! Credit is on my yearly goals but I didn't start actually tackling it until like two months ago. I want to buy a condo in two years and so saving and raising my credit are going to be MAIN focuses for awhile and when I saw that jump I couldn't help but do a dance!

I am majorly excited about the things I've done this month and there's so much more to come in September.. y'all ready?!!!

What amazing things happened for you in August?

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