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Counting My Blessings During Covid19

Welcome to ANOTHER monthly blessings post. This one is particularly important to me because it is during this time of confusion and uncertainty that I feel it's more necessary than usual to remember your blessings.

I am currently quarantined and haven't left my house too much in awhile. I am not normally a social person, but I still find myself wishing I could have some basic human contact. However, you guys KNOW I am always about focusing on the positives. The more you focus on what is good, the more good comes your way and more importantly, the better you feel. After listing this month's blessings, I found myself especially elated because even the smallest victories are victories and when I sat and thought about it... I had a great month!!

While I am sharing with you what I was grateful for this month, please feel free to reflect on what good things you experienced in April.

April's Blessings

I celebrated my 4-year anniversary

Y'all... I have been with this beautiful man for four years. And we've been THROUGH it, but I love that we're still together and super strong. We were trapped inside together and while it wasn't what I envisioned, I am still glad we were able to be together.

Stayed healthy.

This coronavirus thing had me on EDGE in the beginning. It didn't help that when it all first started I was getting sick (which I do around the same time every year, but I was still scared as crap). So, the fact that I maintained my health was a BLESSING because so many people didn't maintain their health and lots even lost their lives. So if you're able to read this right now... BLESSSSSIIIINNGGGGSSS.

YouTube Growth been LIT.

The views have grown. Watch time has grown. Retention has grown. We are DOING the thing. If you're not subbed to my channel, PLEASE join the family.. we're on our way to 2K subs. Check out the channel here.

Stayed afloat financially.

These were indeed hard times. I ended up unable to work my 9-5 rather suddenly due to this, but SOMEHOW God made a way and I could still stay afloat and not drown in debt (and nope, I didn't get a stimulus check.. wish I would've... but I didn't). So I am SO grateful for that.

Business Growth

This is a BIG part of why I didn't end up homeless. My business has been doing very well. In fact, I soon will have filled my client roster and only be able to accept consult clients. I am so excited that my business has been doing so well and my current and new clients are happy with my work which makes me feel even better than just the business growing in itself.

As you can see... my month was BOMB and I am so excited and ready to see what May comes to bring. I have some MAJOR surprises in store so if you're not already... make sure you join the email list and stay tuned for what is to come in May.