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March's Highlights

Welcome back to another month and another highlights post!

March was not the best month as far as achieving some of my bigger goals, but I was still able to accomplish a lot so let's get into it!

March's Blessings

Weeded out negative clients

In March, I was able to confidently fire clients that were negative. When I say negative I mean, they didn't do their part but complained about results or they were just disrespectful or simply weren't a good fit for my social media business. I am glad this happened because it opened up the door for a lot of positive things that I couldn't be more excited about!

Increased passive sales on my e-book AND my e-course!

I wrote an e-book last year about mental health and entrepreneurship and the launch month was great but then after that kind of slowed down drastically. The same thing happened with my e-course. I saw such a difference between the sales with those two in March and it excited me! (Also got me motivated for my next digital product!)

I was super productive and got a lot of behind-the-scenes work done

I was feeling really funky the first quarter for 2021. I wasn't very motivated to do much. I wasn't depressed in the slightest... but I also wasn't feeling it either. Maybe I was depressed? I don't know, but around mid-march I started to feel like myself again and was able to get so much done!

Drop some of your highlights in the comments!


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