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May's Blessings

Annnnd we're back! It's time for the INFAMOUS monthly blessings post! .... maybe not infamous but we back at it!!!

I missed these and I know I've needed because I spent a few months spending more time being ungrateful than anything else. So, I am glad to be back at it!

Be sure to take the time to share your blessings/Highlights below!

May's Blessings


We have been completely offline and not taking new clients for months. That was difficult for me because of the simple fact that this business has been consistently open since 2018. BUT we were going through a major rebrand. We redid our logo. We changed our color pallette completely. I have never been so excited for us. Now, we are focusing on working with content creators and professional businesses and the switch feels so write and in alignment and I am HYPE about it.

I am, once again, getting back into therapy

I stopped before because it was expensive, so I am so grateful to get back into it because... ya girl need her therapy, do you hear

Got approved for a new place!

And WAY ahead of time of the move! Super excited. I cannot WAIT to do the tour with you guys in August. I am ECSTATIC!!!

New clients me PLEASE!

Now that we have relaunched... we have gotten some really good and interesting clients, and I am absolutely loving it! Are you a business in need of a social media manager?

I am blessed and highly favored... and it is important to remember that. What good things happened with you? Nothing is too small. I'd love to hear and congratulate you!


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