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How To Start Investing In Your Business

If I am being completely honest with you... a lot of people say they cannot afford to invest in their business when actually they can.

And before I am attacked by all those whose lives are just tooooo hard to get ahead, trust me when I say I was right there with you. But then I stopped overthinking and started trusting myself and my business.

"We are just one small adjustment away from making our lives work." - Paul Rudd, 'How Do You Know'

I started investing in my business when I made way less than you're imagining and my bills were way more. I was struggling to make ends meet, but then I realized that it wasn't about making more. It was about adjusting my priorities and proper planning.

So, here's a step-by-step quick guide on how you can start ACTUALLY investing in your business:

Take an honest look at your finances

One of the biggest tips because it's one of the biggest lies a lot of us tell ourselves. Is it that you really can't afford it or are you just not prioritizing it. Start being honest with yourself. How often do you spend money on Doordash when you KNOW you've got food in the house. A $50 Doordash order is 3-hours of $15 an hour help in your business, or a website domain name, or some business cards. Be real with yourself here.

Take a real look at your business needs

This was probably the hardest one for me because I struggled to accept that I wasn't enough within my business. The thought of having someone else do things made me feel like that meant I wasn't good at what I do... and let me tell you... I am definitely good at what I do. But you cannot do everything and it get done well. So, look at what in your business is taking you the most time, has the least quality, is being ignored altogether, and compare it to how much it is actually needed within your business.

Create a budget (and stick to it)

That last part is gonna be the hardest one. You're gonna have to say no sometimes to things you really want temporarily. But let me just testify that saying no to all those Doordash orders, parties out with my friends, random brunches... can allow you to get to a place where you can do all those things and still have hella money left over. It's about how bad you want it bro...

It's really that simple. Start off small. Maybe hire a VA for 3 hours a week. Simple. Maybe start paying for that website. Maybe start buying some merch from yourself so you can do some video marketing and invest in some brand ambassadors.

Here are some quick but VITAL tips for beginning to outsource:

Don't be cheap

You get what you pay for. Remember that.

Remember without investing you WILL reach stagnancy

I know that it can be hard, but if you really want this business to grow you've gotta feed it what it needs just like anything else.

Be professional

Now, remember I said professional, not stuffy or robotic. I hate how nobody in business seems to know the difference. Be yourself but speak respectfully and intelligently. It makes all the difference in the world.

Tell me, what are you planning to invest in next for your business?


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