Christmas Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling trying to choose a gift or that budding entrepreneur or business owner?

You've come to the right place! Here are 25 Christmas Gift Ideas the business owner in your life will be sure to love!

25 Christmas Gifts For Entrepreneurs

Just a disclaimer that this post containing affiliate links. This basically means if you buy something from clicking on this page, I will receive a small commission. If course.. that's a bonus but I wouldn't suggest ANY of these products if I didn't stand behind them!! This is why you don't see a bunch of affiliate link colored posts.

A laptop

My boyfriend surprised me with a laptop for Christmas. Mine was old and STUPID. I complained about it all the time and one day he walked in with a new one and it has been a game changer for me having a laptop I can rely on. If the entrepreneur in your life doesn't have an amazing laptop... you could change that!

Bluetooth Headphones

These bluetooth headphone I use are my everything. They make hands off talking on the phone a BREEZE without worrying about wires getting caught on things. Plus... music..


You could get a paper planner from Walmart. My FAVE ones come from Target where they have such gorgeous designs!

Audible Subscription

I intend to get this for my mom this year (hopefully she doesn't thoroughly read this blog post). It's perfect for those who wanna read more but don't have the time to sit and read a book. I, personally, prefer to read a book in my hand or read the words myself, but listening to a book is a GREAT option for those who struggle with reading.

A white board

This can help them stay organized or brain storm on a board. I love white boards. They are so versatile.

Coffee Machine

I recently bough a latte machine and LET ME TELL YOU it is my favorite part of my morning routines. It is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Portable Charger

The convenience of this can help if someone is working outside the home and isn't near an outlet. I don't have one anymore (hint, hint babe) but I sure miss being able to work anywhere and not stress about battery life.

Tickets to a networking event

Get them opportunities to network and market themselves. That is something any entrepreneur will DEFINITELY appreciate

Spa Day

Being a business owner is STRESSFUL. It can cause depression and anxiety and there are so many failures before successes happen. It takes so much out of you. So getting a day of pampering and relaxation for a budding business owner would be the PERFECT gift!

An at-home spa day

If you cannot afford an expensive day spa, perhaps you could give them one at home. Buy the necessary products for them to pamper themselves (or if this is your live in partner you could pamper them yourself).

Desk organizer

Organization is important (I am not grand at it but it's true). If I had a desk organizer my whole life would be much simpler.

Laptop case

If they already have a laptop and don't need a new one, you can't go wrong with a cute and durable laptop case!

Dunkin' or Starbucks Gift Card

One of my favorite kind of gifts.. COFFEE GALORE. If they are a coffee drinker and/or gets up early like myself... this gift would be MUCH appreciated.

A good book

If they like actual books like me, getting them a really good read is a perfect gift!

A good water bottle

Hydration is important. Getting them one of those water bottles that keep water cold could be a great gift so they can take it anywhere and take a nice refreshing sip whenever needed!

Skillshare Subscription

I have been hearing about Skillshare for a year now and it is AMAZING. Skillshare is a learning site for people to get educated on ANYTHING. Giving them the opportunity to further their education online is GOLDEN for online gifts!

Apple Watch

They are convenient and help you keep track of everything on your phone without the distraction that your phone brings. I don't have one.. YET.. but I intend to get one!

Travel Coffee Mug

For the same reason as the water bottle. Keep the coffee hot and you can take it anywhere!

Back massager

Sitting in a desk or at a laptop for hours does some strain to your back. Having a back massager can come in VERY handy.


If they drink... some good wine could be just what the doctor ordered!

A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is pricey and some can't afford it. Hiring one and paying for it.... honestly would be an entrepreneurs DREAM.

Waterproof notepad

I have SO many good ideas while I am in the shower. A waterproof notepad can help them keep track of their ideas even in an awkward place like the shower!

Office supplies

Saves them time and money if they don't have to keep going to buy printing paper. It can sound like a horrible idea to the outside but take it from me... a business owner.. PENS, PAPER, PAPERCLIPS.. ALLL OF THE THINGS PLEASE.

Digital Camera

One of the best investments I have made for my business (and YouTube Channel) is my digital camera. One of good quality can cost a pretty penny but I PROMISE you the quality content they will be able to make now would be EVERYTHING and is a game changer for their online marketing strategies!

Travel Bag

Looking like a boss babe with their luggage would definitely be a cute gift!

All ima say is... I hope the loved ones in my life are paying attention to what I said I DIDN'T have lol

What Christmas gift ideas can you come up with for a business owner?

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