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How To Get Your First Client As A Social Media Manager

So, you’re a social media manager and you wanna gain your first client. When I first decided to be a social media manager, I struggled a bit trying to figure out how to market myself and where to get my first client so TRUST ME I feel you.

So, we are going to dive into some simple and practical ways to get your first client as a social media manager so you can get your business going!

How To Get Your First Client As A Social Media Manager

Use Facebook Groups

They have a lot of business Facebook Groups available and it Was from openly marketing myself and my business in them (when it was appropriate, not just spamming groups) that I got my FIRST client! Mind you, it was a client from hell (can hear about that story on my YouTube Channel here) BUT still it got me started!

Upwork or PeoplePerHour

Both of these websites are helpful because people get on there who are actively looking for help. So it’s easier to find someone looking for a social media manager and they can look at your profile and decide if they want to move forward with the hiring process for you.


Pinterest is KEY for business owners! With over 200 million users each month it places your business in Front of a LOT of eyes if used properly!

Grow your own social media

Who is going to ask you to help them with their social media if you don’t have any followers yourself? I struggle with remembering to maintain my own platform, but it makes a huge difference and I have had people find me over Instagram and Twitter because of my bio and my own following and how my profile is maintained.

Reach out to others in your field

NETWORK! Gain advice and make friends in your field. The fellow social media managers I have met and gained connections with have allowed me to learn better marketing tactics and if Someone meets a client that doesn’t fit you, you can make recommendations and vise versa!

These are some simple ways that got me started and i still use most of these tactics today whenever I have space for more clients!

What tactics are you using to grow your social media business?

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