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February's Highlights/Blessings

If you are a long term reader then you know how much I LOVE monthly blessings (despite how it is the least read posts of mine). Why? Because it gives me an excused to reflect on and share my ACCOMPLISHMENTS and blessings for each month!

I hope this encourages you to reflect on the positives you have been blessed with. Whether it was a good or bad month, we all have a lot to be grateful for.

February's Highlights

New Brand Deals

I have been talking to new brands and companies, and I am so excited for these new opportunities.

Business low key BOOMING

Soon, I will be doing a post on how manifestation really brought me some new clients and I absolutely have LOVED my growth and all of the new leads have had me SO excited!

Didn't get behind due to depression

Now does that mean depression didn't hit? NO. It stil came and there werfe some hard weeks this month, but I still managed to be consistent and not let it defeat me in my business and with creating content (for the most part). So that's a DEFINITE win!

What awesome thing happened to you this past month?

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