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Fall Nighttime Routine!

As the nights get cooler and the days get shorter, I found myself changing up my summer routine. Around this time, I like to have a nice relaxing routine to help me sleep well and feel like I’ve accomplished things the night before. So, every night, I now have a routine that puts me in the Fall spirit.

  1. First, I clean up. Once I’m ready to get ready for bed, I will clean up and tidy my bedroom, the kitchen, etc. I hate going to sleep with clutter all over. When I’m in my room and I turn the lights out, if things are ok the floor I start imagining them moving and it creeps me out. Plus, I like waking up and being able to walk into clean rooms. It makes me feel as if I am ready to tackle the tasks of the day. If I wake up without having things together I end up walking right back to bed. So I always try and clean up. Clear space = clear mind.

  2. Then, there’s the shower and bathroom routine. The very next thing I do after cleaning is take a shower. Nighttime showers relax my body and kind of tires me out in a way. I have a mini skin care routine. I’m not even really sure if you can call it that. I’m not like all of these beauty bloggers out there who have like a step 1 and step 2 process. I have a nighttime facial cleansing scrub that I brought from Walmart. Then, I brush my teeth and if I’m going to tie my hair up, I’ll do that.

  3. Next, is tea time. I really love peppermint and nighttime teas. This may be a bad thing to do after brushing your teeth. I’m not really sure, but I always get a cup of tea and it helps calm my nerves and keep me warm since it’s usually so cold in my house. I like the tea that help calm my nerves because I tend to be rippin and running all of the time which means my mind is usually moving at like a thousand miles an hour. So, yes helps get that in orders

  4. Picking out the next days outfit would be next. As my tea heats up, I start putting on lotion and deciding what I’m going to wear the next day. This process doesn’t seem to take me that long at night and I usually come to a conclusion pretty fast. If I don’t choose something the night before, however, I end up taking forever the next day in order to choose an outfit. I don’t know what it is about the next morning that makes me indecisivez I’ve had to make the conscious decision that whatever I choose the night before is what I’m wearing because I’m also likely to want to change my mind the next morning. Making the decision cancels out decision making I have to do in the morning so I can get things done.

  5. Relaxation time. Once I grab my tea, I go my room and this is when I do my main television watching. I’ll watch Netflix or try and catch up on YouTube videos. Usually around this time I talk to my love and we will chit chat about our day, pray together, scroll through social media, and show each other funny memes and videos. I usually do all of my major venting about my day and listen to him do the same. We are each other’s sounding board so I also end up throwing out the next days agenda to him. All of these things are my winding down actions and I just sip my tea and relax.

  6. Bedtime. Once I’m good and settled and soothed, I put my tea cup away and I lay down. Another not so great habit of mine is that I have to go to sleep listening to Netflix on my phone. I turn it on Do Not Disturb so I usually am not distracted by notifications. I can’t sleep without the noise so I leave it next to me and listen. I rarely end up distracted by what I decide to put on (something like The Amazing World of Gunball or American Dad) so I soon fall asleep with it nearby my ear. I’m hoping to soon find some sort of alternative to this because I doubt it’s the best course of action.

So, that’s my Fall nighttime routine, realistically. There are a few things that I intend to add to make my night more productive and prepare me even better for the morning, but since I’m still settling in my new area, I have to be honest. These are the only things I will for certain do.

What’s your Fall nighttime routine? Do youbhave any habits that you’re trying to shake like I do? Comment down below and let me know!

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