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Is 2020 Cancelled?

I have been hearing a LOT about 2020 being cancelled and the memes have been implicating the exact same thing. So many people have decided their goals for this year are non existent and for a hot second I kind of felt the same way.

BUT, I decided that nothing and nobody was going to cancel an entire year for ME. I decide how my life goes. So, I have continued working on my 2020 goals and let me tell you how it has gone so far:

  • I have received more consulting clients this year than ever before.

  • I have made more money from sponsored posts that I ever have.

  • I grew my email list.

  • I have FINISHED writing my book and will be publishing SOON.

  • I am officially working full time FOR MYSELF #NoBossForMe

Needless to say, the year is halfway over but I’ve been BUSY. I have a stronger belief system than ever before that nobody can get in the way of goals and dreams but ME. And the same goes for you. Your mindset makes a HUGE difference in how your life goes. What are you telling yourself? What are you speaking out loud? How have you been responding to the obstacles life throws your way?

Are you wanting to continue to flourish and be successful in 2020? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Re-evaluate your goals for this year.

  2. Break your goals down into steps that you can work towards each month, week, and day.


This can be YOUR year still. it definitely WILL be my year. Y’all think I’m doing things now? You’ve seen NOTHING yet!

Happy 2020, let’s get it :)

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