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How To Do A 30-Day Blog Challenge

Not only did I manage to post every day on my blog this month, but I also will be attemtping to also post every day on m y YouTube Channel... so ... how?

Here is how you can do a 30-day blogging challenge and STICK TO IT:


Plan ahead

Start outlining and writing weeks ahead.

Bulk create

When I created this blog post it was over a week before I even started this challenge. I wanted to make sure I was prepared so I created multiple blog posts in one setting.

Break down tasks

Now, I did say bulk create but I did NOT say kill yourself. I have a blog writing system where I bulk outline, then I bulk type the main points, and then I bulk edit and schedule. All of this happens on different days and you'd be surprised how impactful it is.

Start promoting a few days before

Make sure your audience knows you're doing it so they are looking out for it and subscribed so they don't miss it!

Schedule content

Schedule it in advance so no matter what life may throw at you, you are prepared for it and your content would still be posted on time.

Are your ready to start posting daily on your blog? Comment down below!


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