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August’s Blessings

I am a little late with this, I apologize BUT, Welcome back to another segment offfff MONTHLY BLESSINGS! This is a segment on my blog where I talk about the goodies and highlights that happened and stuck out in each month. I missed the past couple of months because I was being an inconsistent blogger, but I am BACK! So let’s get this party started and let’s start sharing the blessings, highlights, or whatever you wanna call the wonderful things that have happened to you in the month of August!!! (can you tell I have a lot of energy right now?)

August’s Blessings/Highlights

  1. I GOT BACK TO BLOGGING. Omg I missed you guys so much and for a long time the blog posts were inconsistent and so were my emails!! I was focused on my YouTube channel and while I am glad that it got some attention and I got some good consistency flowing over there, blogging is my love and I was so forlorn without it. However, I was having a significant mental blockage and couldn’t think of things to write. BUT I AM BACK and so extremely happy about it! 

  1. My business is getting back to it’s growth! My blog wasn’t the only thing I was slacking on. I allowed myself to neglect in growing my business and reaching out for new clients. I struggled with balance and ended up letting my business be put on the back burner. REGARDLESS I made myself get back to it and my clientele started growing again and so did traffic to my business page! I am STOKED cause ya girl is back in her BAG. PERIODT.               

  1. I have began to see the wonders of manifestation. I have seen MANY blog posts and Youtube videos about this and for some reason I never really found myself wanting to try it. Then, on a whim, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to add something like this into my daily routine. However, I didn’t expect the RIDICULOUS difference manifestation has had on my life! I will be sharing more about manifestation in an entire blog post, but for the time being, this is what you get and I am sharing how FREAKING EXCITED I am about it!

  2. I am getting more brand attention from brands I ACTUALLY want to work with. I am constantly being bombarded by beauty and hair companies and while I do enjoy a good foundation, that is not nearly something I am passionate about to talk with you guys about unless I could figure out a way to combine beauty and girlbossness (totally foreshadowing a future post). I don’t wear wigs or weave and so I get so annoyed by all the offers to do sponsored posts, but I am FINALLY getting offers from brands that I like and want to work with for both social media sponsored posts, giveaways, and more! It really excites me that I am beginning to attract the right kind of brands (manifestation DID play a big part). Also, might I add that these are things I wanted to work on for the month of August and I have written everything you are seeing up to this point before the 15th because so far this month has been AWESOME!

  3. I got into school! I have been considering doing this for a loooonnngggg time and finally decided to go ahead and bite the bullet! I am going for e-marketing to better my craft as a social media manager. I want to offer the best and most latest things for my clients and so I decided to go back to school! Plus, I am a workaholic and felt like throwing something extra on my plate because… who needs rest like a normal human, right?                                     

I have had a great month. Has it been perfect? NO. All these blessings has also been all these stresses and hectic weeks trying to manage meetings, my job, and so much more! Not to mention some unexpected obstacles that put a few stresses on me, BUT we don’t do monthly PROBLEMS we do monthly BLESSINGS because there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Did I have to work my tail off this month? YES. But I have never been more grateful. Then, September is my birthday month? Oh, it’s about to get REAL y’all!