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The BEST Christmas Gift Ideas For Business Owners

I loooove me some Christmas. It is HANDS DOWN my favorite Holiday.

If you're like me, you may STILL not have gotten all of your Christmas shopping done and maybe you have an entrepreneur in your life whom you want to splurge on.


We will go through the list from the most expensive to some of the cheaper gifts. Most (if not all) of these gifts will include affiliate links for my amazon account. SO, if you so choose to with any of these items, I will get a small percentage, at no extra cost to you (to help with my own last minute Christmas shopping). All gift ideas are 100% my opinion.. as I went through amazon myself to find them and ALL would be loved by entrepreneurs everywhere!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Business Owners


A new laptop

Most people want macbooks, but I personally am a fan of PC laptops, so I am going to give you a link for both. Click here for your Macbook and here for your PC.

Quality camera.

My FAVE camera is the one I bought last year and it has done so good with both pictures as well as videos for my YouTube Channel!

New desk for home office

Nothing feels better than having a lit workspace in your home. So if the business owner in your life doesn't have a desk or has an older, beat up one, this would be wildly appreciated!

Branding photoshoot

This is probably one of my favorite ideas. Paying for a branded photoshoot so their website and socials can have that pristine, professional look... TOP TIER.


Skillshare membership

Skillshare (not sponsored... yet) is a website that teaches you all different types of things such as marketing, email list, how to make graphics... or really anything you want to know. It teaches you how to build skills and possibly monetize them. This would come in handy for ANY business owner.

Audible subscription

Literally on my list every year. Audible is a great way to read books on the go.