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The BEST Christmas Gift Ideas For Business Owners

I loooove me some Christmas. It is HANDS DOWN my favorite Holiday.

If you're like me, you may STILL not have gotten all of your Christmas shopping done and maybe you have an entrepreneur in your life whom you want to splurge on.


We will go through the list from the most expensive to some of the cheaper gifts. Most (if not all) of these gifts will include affiliate links for my amazon account. SO, if you so choose to with any of these items, I will get a small percentage, at no extra cost to you (to help with my own last minute Christmas shopping). All gift ideas are 100% my opinion.. as I went through amazon myself to find them and ALL would be loved by entrepreneurs everywhere!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Business Owners


A new laptop

Most people want macbooks, but I personally am a fan of PC laptops, so I am going to give you a link for both. Click here for your Macbook and here for your PC.

My FAVE camera is the one I bought last year and it has done so good with both pictures as well as videos for my YouTube Channel!

Nothing feels better than having a lit workspace in your home. So if the business owner in your life doesn't have a desk or has an older, beat up one, this would be wildly appreciated!

Branding photoshoot

This is probably one of my favorite ideas. Paying for a branded photoshoot so their website and socials can have that pristine, professional look... TOP TIER.


Skillshare membership

Skillshare (not sponsored... yet) is a website that teaches you all different types of things such as marketing, email list, how to make graphics... or really anything you want to know. It teaches you how to build skills and possibly monetize them. This would come in handy for ANY business owner.

Literally on my list every year. Audible is a great way to read books on the go.

Shein Gift Card

This isn't DIRECTLY business-related but dressing for success is a big deal when it comes to owning your own business, even if you are working out of your home. It will be greatly appreciated.


A quality phone headset will allow you to feel professional when talking to potential clients or customers and also allow you to type, write, or move around while talking on the phone. I advise a wireless headset because those always work best for those working from home.

You could support a local bookstore (Like ectlectuals in San Diego California) and subscribe to a book subscription so they can consistently get reads they like that CATERS to them (not sponsored).

Business Cards

I get asked for my business card all the time and when I don't have one it is the most frustrating thing EVER. But these jokers are NOT free so it would make a GREAT gift to get stylist business cards with their website, brand name, work number, and email address!


Personalized coffee mug

You can choose a stylish mug from amazon or from another small business or brand. OR you could personalize one with their SPECIFIC brand logo or motto on it! How cute and personal would that be?!


New year is right around the corner which means so is the need for a GOOD planner. I love a good planner and make it an entire event searching for one that I love that I can use for the next year.

If they already have a laptop, a cute personalized laptop case would always be a great gift!

Shot glasses

Shot glasses and wine glasses are some of my fave things to collect.... and use.


Support your local bookstore and also give your business owner a book you think they'd love or learn something from!

Desk decor

Your workspace should be personal and inspiring to you. This is why desk decor that fits your business owner PERSONALLY will make all the difference in the world!

Do you just love this list? Are you a business owner? Share this list with someone as a hard HINT HINT lol! (I know I will be).


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