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Lost Focus and Drive?? Do this...

I won't lie... in 2023... I lost all focus. I was not on it in any way and I forgot so many things like why I do what I do, the work it took to bring me this for, and so much more.

But we coming back and locking in now in 2024 and let me tell you... It was a journey. I feel like I spent the whole first quarter just trying to lock back into my business and revamp what I want for it. But here we are and so let's get into the how!

What causes you to lose focus?

Losing focus can be caused by a plethora of different things such as:

  • Burn out. This was possibly the case for me. I have always struggled with work-life balance and with busy friends, I've had to take the time to find ways to prioritize myself and take steps away from work.

  • Multi-tasking overload. This basically just means you got too much going on and cannot bring yourself to focus because there isn't clarity on what to focus on. I may have went through this since we were trying to expand and simultaneously launch a physical product... which took way more effort than I anticipated.

  • Undefined priorities. Focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time can cause you to really lose focus in general.

  • Life. As I said in my YouTube video, life just be life-ing sometimes and we can get derailed. Things like disappointment or tragedy can spin us in directions we never anticipated.

How to regain focus

Now let's get into the nitty gritty about what to do next. If you want my first few tips, you can go watch the YouTube video about it on my channel. And if you're from the channel, let me know! *Cough, cough* and subscribe to get notifications for blogs *cough*.

Be decisive about your goals and make them visible

This is something that you can do anytime of the year not just the end/beginning. It is May and you can create yours literally anytime. Having it somewhere you can see it will remind you of what you're trying to do and why.

Note what motivates you and practice it regularly

This may take some self-reflection because we don't always know what motivates us. Try different things. I used to be really motivated by watching entrepreneur vlogs similar to the ones I post on my channel. However, now I tend to get motivated by doing this weird "imaginary budget" things. I divvy up on paper what it would look like if my business revenue was what I wanted, if my YouTube Channel reached a certain place, and if I excelled in my job to a certain point. By the time I am finished, I am usually ready to get to work! Try it and see if seeing it on paper makes you want to work to making it reality and seeing it in your bank account!

Do things even when you don't like it

I learned when reading "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***" that sometimes acting without any motivation or desire attached and having discipline is exactly what you need in order to get the motivation. For example, I haven't felt like writing for a while, but finally today I said I'd write the captions for May's content for CherishingfloMedia on Instagram... and these blogs weren't even on the to do list for today but because I got started writing, I am in a writing zone and now here I am... writing... even more than I thought when I forced myself to get started.

Do you find these tips helpful? Comment below what resonated most!


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