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Simple (and inexpensive) Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for something for your special someone but can't think of anything good? I GOTCHU. Check out this list of simple and inexpensive gift ideas that ya girl is sure to love.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women

Make something.

This sounds vague.. but you could paint her a picture or go to a basket weaving class and make her a basket. Build her something with clay. There are options but if you handcraft something, it's kinda sexy and she is bound to love it!

Paparazzi Jewelry

For Valentine's Day, I would advise earrings or a set with earrings included. Each jewelry piece is only $5 so you will get your girl something cute at a ridiculously affordable price (and no.. nothing will turn green. It's all good stuff).

Bath fizzers/Self-Care Kit

I loooove a self-care kit and it definitely screams love. You know what would make it even better? IF YOU DID A SELF-CARE DAY WITH HER *SCREAMS*

Write a poem/song

This is soooo romantic and if you're any good, this is definitely going to bring tears to your girls' eyes. Write something from the heart and watch how she never forgets it.

A journal

A super simple gift.. but very impactful. You could use this for mindfulness or writing out her thoughts. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into it.

Cute wine/shot glasses

If your girl is a wine drinker (like myself) or a lover of alcohol in general, she will love this. Especially if you get the kinds for couples. It would be cute and she will like it.

Simple house/home decor

We like home decor. Gets some.

Framed Picture

This is soooo simple. Get a Dollar Tree picture frame and use Free Prints (the app) to print out a cute picture of you guys and say something cute and memorable on the back. Literally the simplest but cutest gift.

Personalized Knife

I love knives, personally, and if your girl is a bit rough like myself... she might love it if you give her a personalized knife (plus this world is crazy).

Got that? Drop your simple gift ideas below!!


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