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Productive Nightly Routine for Girl Bosses

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We all talk about and hear about the importance of a girl boss having a morning routine. Did you know that in order to have a bomb and productive morning, you have to start the night before? Our night routines prep us for how our mornings are going to go. So, a girl boss needs a good night time routine that will help promote productivity and also (something that is greatly undermentioned in my personal opinion) promotes positive mental health and attitude throughout the day as well.

So, let’s go over a good night routine for a girl boss wanting to boost her productivity in the morning.

Night Routine For a Girl Boss

  1. Have a solid ending time to your work day. Whether you work from home or tend to bring home work from your day job it is important that you have a cut off time. You do not want to be working all throughout the night. Trust me, I had to learn this the hard way. I had to set certain boundaries so that I wasn’t responding to emails at midnight instead of sleeping like I should be. So this is the FIRST thing you’ll want to get out of the way.

  2. Eat a good meal hours before bed. I am not going to tell you when you should go to bed because that is all based on you, how many hours of sleep your body need, and when you get up in the mornings. However, I will say that in order to get restful sleep, you’ll want to eat a good while before your bed time. Your body cannot be in a completely rested state while it is still digesting food. So you may go to sleep but your body is still active and that will cause you to wake up and still be tired and if you’re anything like me, CRANKY.

  3. Clean up. Clean your kitchen. Tidy your living room. I am not saying do a deep clean or anything, but do your dishes and get the random objects off of the floor. You may not feel like it, but you’re not going to feel like it sooo much more if you wake up to it. Waking up to a sink full of dishes and a counter covered in crumbs is less than motivating even if you are a morning person (and I am). So do some tidying so you can wake up the next day feeling fresh and having your environment match.

  4. Prepare for the next day. There are multiple ways to prepare for your next day. This basically just means doing as much as possible so in the morning you don’t have to make as many decisions. Some of my favorite girl boss youtubers have said this such as Amy Landino, Kaylyn Nicholson, and Erin Henry. All of these women are super successful girl bosses and all of them do things like meal prep and pick out their clothes the night before. I am an overachiever and I try to pick out clothes for the entire week on my GYST (Get. Your. S***. Together) Sundays. I also look at my to-do list for the next week and at my Slay your goals planner* to make sure that everything is in check.

  5. Relax and begin to power down. Now is the time to wind down. I recently started getting into herbal teas to relax me. Turn off all the lights in the house. Stop watching TV. On my phone I have this night mode where the screen looks different (I don’t know the technical term but something about the lighting that is less harsh on the eyes). It is set to automatically come on at a certain time when it is time for me to wind down. This helps me a lot begin to power down. This is a great time to start reading a good book, not an exciting book, but still one with some good content. Whatever it is that relaxes you and soothes you, start doing it about an hour before you want to go to bed so you’ll be good and tired by the time that time comes.

Your nighttime routine is vital. It is where you plant the seeds that decide whether or not you will be able to have a productive and positive morning.

Do you guys think I should do a productive and positive morning routine? Comment your thoughts and things down below!


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