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How To Plan Your Year Ahead

Are you wanting to start 2021 off prepared and ready to slay?

I am all about goals and achieving them so here is a quick guide on how I plan every year and keep track of my goals for maximum success!


Write a list of goals you have

It should be a long list. Write down every single goal that you aspire to accomplish in life. If you want a certain income, a certain credit score, to own a house, to travel to a certain country... ALL OF THEM. Write them down. I don't care if it is as small as get a tattoo. Write it down.

Choose a "Top 10" you can realistically accomplish and/or work towards in the upcoming year

I sometimes end up with up to 12 but choose at least 10. Every year should have 10 goals big or small. It can be financial, personal, anything. As long as it is something you really want to accomplish.

Write in your journal the following:

  1. Page one: 10 Things you are proud of from this year

  2. Page two: Your goals list for next year

  3. Page three: Step by step plan on how you'll accomplish each goal through the year

Page/Step three is the biggest step. It should give you something to work with so you have goals for each month and week. Setting goals gives you guidance and gives you a sense of purpose. I cannot wait to share with you guys my goals for 2021.

What are some of your 2021 goals?

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