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Misconceptions about Motivation

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Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. It is also defined as the general desire or willingness to do something, according to google search anyway. In other words, motivation is what gets you to do things in life no matter what they are. When you make a sandwich, you’re usually motivated by hunger. When you you put on a jacket, you’re usually motivated by being cold. When you produce content on your platforms, you’re usually motivated by some desire to express to your audience, right? Every action is motivated by SOMETHING.

I am all about being positive and motivated. Anyone who knows me knows it’s my bread and butter. If you’re not new here, then you’ve probably heard me say this about a thousand times. We all know what motivation is, but a lot of people get the wrong idea about motivation. It’s an important thing to have in order to accomplish goals and reach dreams. What I would like for all of my readers to have is a CORRECT picture of motivation and how it works!

Misconceptions About Motivation

  1. It’s a personality trait. I can’t tell you how annoyed I get when I hear the excuse from associates and clients that they aren’t successful because they aren’t a motivated person ‘like I am’. Nobody is just motivated every second of every day, INCLUDING ME. In fact, I struggle to stay motivated on a regular basis. I go through long periods of time where I don’t feel motivated or inspired to do work. The key is to push past that feeling until the motivation comes back or comes at all. You have to motivate yourself a lot. I utilize the things I know affects me to help me stay motivated, but TRUST me, I have a plethora of days where I’m not feeling it. 

  1. Motivation will come on its own. FALSE. In the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F***, found on Amazon, my guy Mark tells us that Motivation is a RESPONSE to our ACTION! It’s not just going to be you get inspired and then suddenly you’re forever motivated to get things done. 

You are not going to wake up motivated all of the time. You have to GET motivated and that happens because of the actions that you take.

  1. Money is the best motivator. FALSE. You can make all the money that you can imagine, but if you hate what you’re doing there will be no pep in your step and you will not be motivated to do your work nor will you produce the best quality of work. I’m not sayin money is meaningless and you should, do what you love for free. We all have to make a living and pay our bills, right? Yes, but for most people, money isn’t enough to stay consistently motivated to do something. For example, you can get a job that you don’t care anything about, but it pays super well. At first, you’ll be excited to get up and go to work because you know your earning at a maximum rate. Then, after a couple months, you’ll lose the desire to do your best. You’ll force yourself to go because you need the money to pay bills, but the quality and rate f your work will decrease because you’ve lost all motivation to continuously do things you don’t enjoy. This is why I am a passionate advocate about doing things that you love because making money that way will be an amazing feeling that motivates you to continuously progress forward.

Motivation is a pretty big deal, but realistically it isn’t a constant feeling you’ll always have. You have to give yourself moments where you can work on your motivation and remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing. I have a system in place for me to keep getting new waves of motivation, including watching the video of the amazing youtubers I mentioned in my Favorite Youtubers you should check out post. I also listen to podcasts and I have a set morning routine in place. I work to stay motivated. I take action to stay motivated. Motivation does not happen on accident.

Would you guys be interested in a blog post on how I stay motivated every day, week, etc? What are some things you find people say about motivation that you don’t think is true? Do you agree with the statements I made or do you have a different perspective? Comment down below and let me know!


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