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How You Can STILL Accomplish Your 2019 Goals!

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Y’all… 2019 is almost over. The rate that this year is going by is actually beginning to frighten me. Wasn’t it just June before I blinked?  Anyhow let me ask you this: how has accomplishing your goals gone so far? Are you getting things done? I won’t lie, the year has already took a turn. Some things that I THOUGHT I would have done by now… I don’t have done.

So what does that mean exactly? Does that mean give up? Does that mean stop having goals? NO IT DOES NOT. There is still and ENTIRE 4 months left in this year for us to get our grind on. There is still FOUR MONTHS to accomplish our 2019 goals. So how do we realign and make sure that we still finish 2019 strong in this last half of the year? THAT is what I am going to dive into today.

How You Can Still Accomplish Your 2019 Goals This Late In The Year

  1. Make sure your current goals are still in line with what you want to accomplish. I take a look over my yearly goals every single month. A lot of the time we start the year thinking one thing will be the focus but by the time we get to the middle of the year, we don’t even want those same things anymore. If you find that to be your situation, it is okay to take some things off of your goals list and add other things in order to make sure you are still in line with what it is that you want to accomplish in your life.

  2. Make sure you goals are presented to you daily. I do this in many ways actually. One of which is my alarm clock label on my phone. It has a message reminding me to keep steady on the road towards my goals (and reminds me first thing in the morning that I am all types of gorgeous). Also, there are goal boards that you can do. Believe it or not, I STILL have not done my goal board this year. I am very annoyed with myself for not having done it, but I have hardly had the time since I have been posting more on YouTube.. anyway that’s beside the point. Goal boards are a good way to do this, but so is sticky notes you can put in or around your room. Be creative with it. 

  1. Remove all the negative influences from your life. Detoxing from negative energy is a journey that you will always have to do periodically. You meet new people or form new habits and sometimes you have to examine those and make sure they are not negatively impacting you in your life. That is a lesson that I had to learn myself. I am constantly finding that I am having to distance myself from certain people, situations, environments, and behaviors in order to have the best environment for my success. So pay attention to your surroundings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  1. PLAN how you’re going to achieve your goals. Know how you’re going to accomplish your goals. Write down some steps that will put you closer towards your goals. Do your research. Look at people who have already succeeded in your area and PLAN your method of attack. Get a daily, weekly, AND monthly goals list so that you always know what your next step is!

  1. Affirmations & visualizations. I have been doing a lot of visualization lately and speaking positivity over myself and my life. It has made a huge difference. The energy you put out into the world comes back to you and so if you put positive and successful energy out, guess what is coming back to you? Believe in your success and walk in that truth. It will change your life.