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How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself

You’d be surprised by how often we all stand in our own way towards our dreams. I recognize new ways I’m my own roadblock more often than I’d truly care to admit. The truth is, it’s human nature. It’s very natural to get in our own way by doing things like:

  1. Talking negatively to ourselves

  2. Being lazy

  3. Procrastinating

There’s actually a lot of other things that we do to get into our own way, but these are, what I feel, is the top three. I have done and still do all three of these things from time to time, ESPECIALLY procrastinating. If procrastinating was am Olympic sport, I’d have the golden medal.

So, how do we stop success blocking ourselves? I’m going to share with you guys what works for me, and then I’d LOVE to hear about what works for you if the comments!

How To Stop Self-Sabotaging

  1. Be extra nice to yourself. We all tend to be our own worst enemies at times. Nobody is perfect. We all know that and yet we choose to belittle ourselves over every flaw. If you’re anything like me,then realizing what it is you’re doing to block your own success may have caused you to start cursing yourself out. I recently was in a slump and when I thought about all I could’ve been doing instead of wallowing, I was so upset with myself and beat myself up so much that I wallowed for another week. Take intentional time to be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that you get in your own way and then remind yourself that yesterday doesn’t have to control what happens today. Remind yourself of all your best qualities. I spend some time in the mirror complimenting myself and repeating my strengths out loud while I’m getting ready in the mornings. Try that. Try being your own cheerleader and encouraging yourself instead of criticizing yourself all the time.

  2. Ask yourself why you’re sabotaging in the first place. What is the real reason your sabotaging yourself? As I  mentioned in the last blog post everything we do is motivated by SOMETHING. For me, and for a lot of other people, it’s fear. I would and still do get afraid others will reject the content I had worked so hard on. So I sabotaged it before before anyone else got the opportunity. Ridiculous, right? But it’s human nature. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it at first. Some of us will insult ourselves before others can mention those insecurities and for so,e reason we think that will minimize the damage on our self-esteem and mental health. Let me be the first to tell you: it doesn’t. You believe what comes out of your own mouth more than you think. A lot of times our own influence is impacted the heaviest on ourselves.

  3. Cut off negative self-talk. In addition to uplifting yourself you have to eliminate the voice that tries to put you down. I talk about how to be rid of this voice in more detail in a YouTube video, but basically what you have to do is discredit and argue with that voice. It serves no positive purpose and the amazing thing about it is YOU DONT HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT. It’s your choice what truth to accept.

  4. Get proactive. One of th best ways to stop self-sabotaging is to work through how you may feel. Discipline yourself to get up, go out, and work on your goals and dreams no matter what negative talk says. Regardless of how lazy you feel, move through it. No matter what happens around you, what you do is your choice. You can’t give in to negative thoughts and damaging behavior if you’re too busy out here making boss moves. I get up every morning and start by getting to it because if I let myself sit and think, the sabotaging will begin immediately. So start doing things to progress immediately with no hesitation.

  5. Don’t do it alone. Get yourself some amazing like-minded encouragers. I have group chats full of girl bosses who always remind me that I can’t move forward if I’m sabotaging myself. They’ll call me out on my progress blocking behavior rather I want to hear it or not. They help me to Regina accountable and they are constantly confirming me in who I am and the value that I have to offer. Get yourself some people who will keep you rooted in who you are and remind you that you gotta handle business. If you don’t already have friends like that, REACH OUT TO ME. Sign up for the email newsletter so that you can encouraging messages from me that’s exclusive for my subscribers. DM me on any of my social media accounts that I’ll leave below and just let me know that you need someone to consistently check up on you and help you cease sabotaging yourself and I’m THERE! I will be your accountability partner happily!

If you are someone who sabotages yourself, don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m fact, don’t even allow yourself to linger in the thought. It’s solution time now. These are the things that I do to help minimize the amount of time I spend sabotaging myself. It has worked WONDERS for me.

What do you do to sabotage yourself? Which one of these tips do you think are the most impactful? Comment your thoughts down below!

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