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How To Stay Motivated in 2019

It’s 2019! We have spent our week with podcasts and self-development books we ordered from Amazon in December. We’ve been feeling pretty pumped and ready to dominate our goals. We’ve all heard the motivational videos and read the motivational blog posts (including my How To achieve Your Goals)! Now we’re here IN the New Year and some of us are trying to remember what those goals were we set and why we set them.

It always amazes me how fast motivation can dwindle no matter how pumped you may start out. However, we are NOT going to just allow ourselves to be caught up in the ‘never mind to my resolutions’ blues. So, teaming up with me is the beautiful and wonderful blogger Antoria and we are going to help you guys with some tips on how you can keep your motivation going for your goals in 2019!

Youll find the first 4 on her website (will not be posted until 5 PM today) and the last four you’ll find here. She’s a great blogger who, like me, looks to motivate and uplift her readers so go check her out if you want double the trouble with your motivation tips!

How To Stay Motivated in 2019!

  1. Remove all Toxic Influences from your environment. This could mean people, pictures, videos, social media followers, or anything really. If it does not influence you to do something positive or beneficial, then you need to remove it from your life. Before the New year started, I did a HUGE social media purge and unfollowed a LOT of people who I felt made me feel negatively or made me think negative thoughts. When it comes to your success, something is either Impactiving you positively or negatively! You have to decipher properly!

  2. Spend time working on yourself. You all already know. Self-development is what I am ABOUT! If you want to stay motivated to accomplish your goals, keep working on improving yourself and your habits. When you start that growth that starts from the inside, it heavily affects your motivation and how you behave on the outside!

  3. Write down your goals AND put them where you’ll see them daily. That looks differently for different people. I am a huge fan of creating goal boards. It’s a fun visual list of all of your goals that you can make any way that you want and hang it somewhere on a wall. You could write your goals anywhere though as long as you know you’ll run into them every day. That will be the complete reminder that this day is not some incidental phenomenon. You have a purpose and the things on your goals list should be reflecting that. So if you place it where you can see it, you’ll remember what you have to be working towards.

  4. Self-care is the best care. Self-care can mean whatever relaxes you and makes you feel at ease. In order to stay motivated, you have to take time to turn your brain off and not think so much about this goal or that goal and all that you have to accomplish. Take some time to take care of your mental health. That could just mean watching your favorite TV show for 30 minutes every day or going for a nice, quiet walk. Just be sure that you don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed and overworked trying to be a ‘boss’ in 2019.

So, hopefully between my tips and Antoria’s  tips you guys will have a pretty good idea of how to stay motivated to accomplish your goals in 2019!

Be sure to go check out her blog page because she is a great writer and if you love it here, you’ll definitely love it there! It’s been so awesome collaborating with her!

What are some things that help you stay motivated? What are some of your goals you want to stay motivated to do in 2019? Comment your thoughts down below!


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