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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer

Summer is HERE. Whoa, am I the only one who feels like 2019 is zooming by. I can’t believe that these past months have gone by so fast. Is this evidence that I am getting old or something? Like, is a sign of adulthood time moving in hyper speed? Anyway, I am all off topic.

With Summer right around the corner, I encourage you to seize this season and create new opportunities and make the most out of it. So here’s some ways you can make this summer the best summer yet.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer

  1. Don’t get lazy. I made this the first on the list because I notice that this is something a lot of us do. Because we tend to have more free time during the summer we spend more time lounging around and watching Netflix. Resting is important but being LAZY is dangerous. Don’t let Fall come and all you can say you did this summer was binge watch your favorite anime and drama shows. The summer is a time to get ahead and live your best life… not be a slouch.

  2. GO SOMEWHERE. Start right now. Start planning and saving and get your butt out of town this summer! The summer is the perfect time to travel. You can go on a road trip across the country, go to another country all together, or even do something as simple as go to a city in your state that you’ve never been to. You don’t HAVE to spend tons of money to do some traveling this summer! This summer I intend to make a few trips and if you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel you will see all of those Vlogs when they come! I know some people are saying they can’t afford it,  but if you can’t sacrifice constant take out and mcdonald’s then you need to get your priorities STRAIGHT.                  

  1. Learn something new. Get yourself into something you know nothing about. This summer I want to take some cooking classes and learn another language (or start to anyway). Expand your mind. It doesn’t have to be something studious. You could take some dance classes. You could also expand your knowledge in the field you’re currently in. You could ALWAYS get better and learn something new within your field. The information is out there. We just have to go look for it and UTILIZE it.

  2. Make new friends. Take this time to make good connections! Reach out to someone on social media who lives in your community with similar interests and invite them for a cup of coffee! I am not the best at things like this because I am not very good at being sociable. However, I am trying to make a special effort to connect to other bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs nearby.

  3. Update your resume. The summer is the perfect time to freshen up that resume and add any relevant experiences that have happened as of late. You should ALWAYS be keeping both your LinkedIn and resume updated because you never know when opportunity will arise, even if you have a job already. Even if you’re a freelancer and you don’t normally use resumes. It is good practice to periodically update your resume and LinkedIn. I try and update it around twice a year or more, but experts say you should update it at least once a year!                                                                                           

  1. Do something childish. When I say this, I mean get in touch with your childhood you this summer. What did you enjoy doing as a kid? Playing hopscotch? Coloring? Try doing that. You may feel a little silly at first but I promise you will end up having way more fun than you ever thought you would. Bringing out the kid in you also tends to bring out your creative side and next thing you know you have all of these ideas! Not to mention… it just feels good.

  2. Get outdoors. Get yourself into some nature! I am TREMENDOUSLY excited to start hiking this summer in the great outdoors. During the Fall and Winter months the majority of us tend to spend a lot of time indoors trying to avoid cold fronts and weather. The Summer is a nice time to reacquaint yourself with nature and breathe in more fresh air. Even if you have never been an outdoor person, do something different this summer and see what a difference taking intentional deep breaths in fresh air can make!                                                                          

I am so excited and ready for this summer. I know that summer represents freedom and fun, but it should also represent growth and new experiences. Don’t let this summer pass by and not experience anything. This summer I have a lot of things I am planning for this blog, for my business, and just for myself. It is important that you start taking steps towards living your best life.

There’s so many opportunities and things waiting for me, I already know. How about you? Are you excited for the summer? What are some of your summer plans?


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