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How To Have A Real Glow Up in 2022

What is your word for 2022? Mine is elevate.

2021 was a great year of building a foundation for me and it made a huge difference in setting the tone for where I am trying to end up within my business and myself.

In honor of this glow-up and season of elevation in my life, I decided to break down exactly how to have a successful glow-up in 2022.

If glowing up or even progressing in any way is your goal... this list is for you.

How To Have A Real Glow Up in 2022

Define what a glow-up looks like to you

This is where who you are and what you want really counts. Does glowing up to you mean starting a business? Does it mean dressing in a style that is more authentically you? What does it mean? For me, it means leveling up with everything I am currently doing and stepping into a more CEO lifestyle than I already have.

Set goals

Once you know what your glow-up looks like... start setting goals. I have goals such as filling my client roster, hiring a full-time assistant, expanding my team. Your goals can be as simple as learning how to cook some new dishes. Become a better wife or mother. Whatever resonates with you... start setting those goals.

Work on discipline

A huge reason goals don't get accomplished is because once we aren't motivated anymore, we aren't working as hard. Discipline is about doing what you need to do to accomplish your goals regardless of your laziness or procrastinating tendencies. It is something I work hard at (I am tapping into it to write this blog post right now)

Start a morning routine

I am an ADVOCATE for morning routines. Did I say wake up at 5 am? NO. What I am saying is... stop waiting until you HAVE to get up to get up. Take your time in the mornings and start your day on YOUR TERMS.

Work On Your Physical Health

Health is IMPORTANT. Trust me when I say I am working on myself as well in this area. If you neglect your health everything else won't make a difference.

Get cute/handsome

This is something I learned a while ago that I have inconsistently practiced. When you put time and effort into how you look it makes you feel more confident. When you feel more confident, you act more confident and that translates into a lot of different areas of your life. I've noticed that when I am dressed and looking cute, I tend to get a lot more work and things done.

Take time for mindfulness daily

I don't care how you do it.. just make sure that you do it. You could practice yoga, meditation, go for a walk... it doesn't matter. Just find a mindful practice that fits into your schedule that you would enjoy doing.

Surround yourself with people who promote your growth

THIS. IS, NONNEGOTIABLE. You have to be sure that those in your corner want to see you be better, do better... and that can mean less time with them. That can mean you have to keep your head down. It can mean your lifestyle will change. I had a friend that used to say "If you don't have any goals in your life, I don't have any room for you in mine" and I heard that when I was in high school and never forgot it cause it's POWERFUL. Make sure who around you is for you.

These are my real-life tips for glowing up in 2022... you ready to level up?


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