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How To Be A Consistent Blogger

Being a blogger is no joke. People think it is just typing and posting, and while some do pretty much that, a lot of us put in a lot of effort.

Blogging can include research, editing, constant learning, marketing, and much more if you want to be a successful blogger.

One of the things I hear bloggers struggle with most (and often times what I struggle with) is consistency. It can be very difficult to be a successful blogger.

So, here are my tips for how to be a successful, CONSISTENT, blogger.

How To Be A Consistent Blogger

Decide what consistent means to you.

I try to post once a week, but when I started out, it was 2-3 times a week. Mind you, when I started out, I didn't also have a YouTube Channel and a Business I had to manage and run as well. But for me, that was consistency. Take a look at your life. How often do you think you can consistently create content? (Be realistic, but ambitious).

Plan ahead

Write out potential topics in advance. Make a list of things you want to talk about and that way when it is time to write, you have something to pull from. When an idea strikes, you can add it to that list.

Outline first.

A HUGE tip I always tell my fellow bloggers is to outline the posts they want to write in advance. Take some time and add the things you want to touch on and details you don't want to forget. It will make the actual writing portion easier and it helps break up the tasks so you can create more in bulk.

Write in bulk

Once you have enough outlines created, type things out in bulk. Have a specified writing day where you can utilize your outlines and blurt out all of the words you want to say on each topic. Normally, I begin the writing process on Mondays in the middle of the month for the upcoming month. For example, this blog post I am currently typing on the 11th of October, knowing it will come out in November at some point. This makes me feel like I have some things together and also gives me time when I don't feel necessarily motivated to write.

Edit and Schedule

On a different day (I avoided doing this on writing days before I had an assistant), edit, add links that are needed, add pictures, etc or whatever and schedule your content in advance. Scheduling in advance allows for periods without creativity, you'll feel like a better influencer, and it saves time in the long run. I write up to a month's blog posts in advance so that I don't have to worry about blogging content every single week.

Breaking up your blogging schedule this way can allow you to have things done in advance and remain consistent as a blogger. You could have a month's worth of content within a week or two.

Are you a blogger? What is your blog about?


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