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How to Avoid Holiday Burnout Working From Home

Working from home is a lot.

I tend to be the queen of overworking myself, but one of my biggest goals in 2021 was to work a LOT less and focus on self-care more.

Crazily enough, my business income increased when I started doing this because I was able to spend more time actually taking care of myself and the time I spent working was me recharged and refreshed.

During the holidays, however, it is even worse because between sales, rushes, discounts, and Holiday shopping... you can feel like you're going to explode!

So here is how to avoid burnout and overwhelm during the holiday season as someone who works from home

How to Avoid Holiday Burnout Working From Home

Get enough sleep

Stop sacrificing your sleep. It is not worth it. Maybe you have to spend a few more hours working, but that whole grind and sleep when you're dead thing is dumb. We are prioritizing our mental health and making sure we give a few hours of grit and hard work and enough hours resting.

Find balance

This was one thing I have to focus heavily on. I tend to spend more time working than relaxing or with my loved ones. This is where it comes in handy to set clear boundaries with yourself, your clients, customers, and/or managers. You are not a mule and need to have both a start and a stop time. Period.

Take breaks

A HUGE thing that has helped me not overwork myself is frequently stepping away from my work. I go and watch some YouTube videos or go outside or go refresh my coffee.. just whatever to think about something other than work. It's non-negotiable. And it has made me more productive and feels better when working throughout the day.

Ask for help

One big flaw I had when starting to work for myself from home was I thought I couldn't afford to hire help. The truth was, I couldn't afford not to. When you start thinking like a CEO, you realize the importance of not wearing all the hats. Bosses don't do everything on their own. They have experts on their team. That is an important and powerful thing. Stop doing it all by yourself and get some help.

Do certain things ahead of time

If you are a business, bulk creating content, videos, and scheduling things in advance allows you to take longer breaks, stress less, and feel more accomplished. For example, I started writing this blog post on November 1st... I didn't have to. I could've done it later, but while I had motivation, time, and energy (plus knowing I had an assistant to format and help me with typos) I could create content in advance. Then, when I am tired or when blogmas gets closer and closer... I won't be thinking about how much content I HAVE to create because I'll already be on the ball. Doing things ahead of time will keep you from feeling overwhelmed or overworked when the time comes to rest and just be with your family.

Working from home is a lot, but it doesn't have to be too much.

What is your work from home job? Drop it down below!


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