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How To Achieve Your Goals In 2019!

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2018 just flew by! I cannot believe that we are already about to be in the last month of this year. 2019 is right around the corner. Now is the time when we are all thinking about Christmas, reflecting over our year in 2018, and planning our year in 2019! How did you do on your goals this year? As I look back at my yearly goals for the year, I was excited to see I had accomplished most of my goals!!

2018 Goals!

  1. Pay off all debts! (didn’t do this one!)

  2. Start a YouTube channel (CHECK)

  3. Grow my blogging Platform (CHECK)

  4. Live a healthier lifestyle (CHECK)

  5. Grow multiple strands of income (CHECK) 

I’m very proud that I was able to accomplish the goals that I did. I didn’t accomplish these goals on accident. 2017 was a difficult year and so I came into 2018 with a plan. It took a lot of discipline, but since the things I did worked, I decided to share with you guys how I accomplished my goals and how you can achieve your goals in 2019!

How To Achieve Your Goals in 2019!

  1. Set your goals and write them down. This is that thing that everyone says to do to achieve your goals. It’s cliche and spoken too often, but it works! In order to decide on what goals to go in to the new year with, I have a process.

  2. I write a list of everything I want to accomplish in my life. Income goals, personal goals, anything I can think of. I write down short term and long term goals. I usually end up with a list of over 100 things and I take about an hour to do it, but it’s worth it! If I think of something else I want to do, I add it later.

  3. Then, I go through the list and decide what I want most right now and I put a star by it. This is usually up to 20 things.  

  4. Then, I choose what I believe can be accomplished within the next year. Pick 5-10 goals that are doable and you’re most wanting. Be sure to choose goals that can be accomplished, but not just goals that are super easy and not challenging to achieve! 

  5. Then, I grab a fresh new yearly journal and write down each goal I plan to accomplish the next year. 

  6. Plan out exactly how youre going to achieve them! You’re going to need a game plan if you want to achieve these goals. You are not going to accomplish them just going with the flow. I created a step by step process to accomplishing each goal. I saw in a video by Amy Landino  And another video by Erin Henry That breaking up your goals into small manageable tasks makes it a lot less intimidating. Having the steps broken down gives you a clear view of what you need to be doing next! A great way that I kept up with my goals and was able to stay motivated to achieve them was by using the Slay Your Goals Planner! It has 60+ downloadable pages and worksheets to help you stay motivated and keep you in the right mindset for achieving your goals! I love the inspirational quotes! (I’m all about quotes!). Another reason to get this Planner is that if you get it right now, you’ll get the Goal Slaying Hacks E-Book FOR FREE! This E-Book is 10 actionable hacks you can start RIGHT now to achieve your goals for 2019! It is an AMAZING New Years Sale and you don’t want to miss it! 

  1. Create a goal board! I loved doing this! I didn’t actually create my goal board until June, but it made ALL the difference in the world! I can’t wait to create my 2019 goal board. I probably will create a YouTube video on the CherishingFlo Channel when I do it! It gives you a chance to get creative in order to remind yourself of what the grind is for! Once you create it, place it somewhere you will see it every single day so you’re constantly reminded of what you promised yourself you’d get done!

  2. Visualize yourself achieving these goals. Every day I take some quiet time of meditation to visualize how I intend my day to go. Setting intentions and visualizing success really makes a LOT of difference. This lights a new fire under me to knock out my goals and to-do lists for the day! You’ll need to do it on a regular basis, but it definitely helps with determination and consistency!

  3. Never stop learning! If you want to reach new heights in the new year, a great way to do that is to read about the things you want to accomplish! Learn about what the experts in your field are doing! Learn different techniques and ways to be successful. No matter what field of work you’re in, there are certain books I’d definitely recommend! I listed a lot of those books on my Amazon Store! The best book, my favorite, is a great one to start with and that’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*** by Mark Manson!

Another AWESOME book that I read is The show To Become An Amazon Affiliate E-Book! Laura Iancu’sbbook is the reason that I learned all I needed to learn about Affiliate marketing as a blogger. Just 2 weeks after reading her book, I made my first sale! How amazing is that? If you’re a new blogger with little traffic, this book can help you be an affiliate marketing success!

There is so so much greatness in store for all of us in the year 2019! How ready do you think you are to dominate your new year? I’m so excited about the New Year I cant stand it! Hopefully I’ve given you guys some great ideas and tools in order for you guys to have everything you need to have a successful year in 2019!

What are some of your goals for the new year? Has 2018 gone by quickly or slowly for you? Comment your thoughts down below!!!

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