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Habits of UNsuccessful People

During Blogtober I talked about the Habits of Successful People. So, I thought it would only be right to also include the Habits of those who are less than successful as well. Surprisingly enough, unsuccessful people have specific habits that block them from their goals and desires in life. It isn’t JUST the complete opposite of everything Successful people do. The truth is, bad habits are easier to have and maintain than good habits. You ever notice how hard it is to quit bad habits like smooking or nail biting? Then, on the flip side, it takes FOREVER for us to start implementing good habits like waking up early and being consistent. Then, it takes just one slip up for those habits to slip through the cracks.

Unsuccessful people are set a part in the sense that they have these bad habits and do not put the consistent, conscious effort to improving on them. We all have bad habits, but you notice the difference between someone who doing nothing to correct their issues and someone who is putting in the work to do better.

I did a video On this topic, but just like with the Successful habits, I decided to list some habits different than what I have listed there so if you want EXTRA habits to look out for, click on the video link!

Anyway, here are some habits that if you find yourself guilty, not working on them may be a set up for failure.

Habits of Unsuccessful People

  1. Lack of focus. I struggle myself to focus sometimes. I am easily distracted. In fact, as I was writing the outline to this very blog post I kept finding myself thinking about other things and not being able to concentrate on the task at hand. That’s why focusing takes practice. I may or may not do a post on how to remain focused if that’s something you guys are interested in so be sure to comment below if you think that’s something I should do! You cannot dobyour besybwork if you cannot focus on giving quality. Unsuccessful people will allow distractions to keep them from putting their focus into their work and just give half the quality worth of content. I recently worked with someone who had this issue and needless to say, they will not be receiving my business again.

  2. Lacking dependability. Anyone Inhote, work with, or work for are removedbor fires AS SOON as I see that they cannot be depended on to do their part or their job. If you’re starting your own business, your clients need to be able to depend on you to do what you say. If you’re trying to move up in your career, you have to be someone your employer knows they never have to worry about. It’s something I pride myself on in my relationship with my clients. I can always be depended on to do EXACTLY what I say I’m going to do and I never sign up to do anything that I know I won’t be able to accomplish.

  3. Friends aren’t going anywhere in their lives. Your environment is directly related to who you are and what you do. If your friends are stagnant, lazy, or inconsistent, you’ll likely display some of those same characteristics yourself. Unsuccessful people tend to surround themselves with people who are equally or even moreso unsuccessful people. Why? Well, they won’t push you to do much knowing they aren’t doing much themselves. They will allow you all of the excuses you want as to why you haven’t started making any steps towards your goals. Your environment can either be people who display the best qualities within yourself or the worst qualities within yourself. Which I will it be?

  4. Rudeness/meanness. The energy you put out DOES have impact on what you receive in return. You catch more flies with honey, right? If you are rude and snap at your clients, not many people will want to work with you. If you are snapping at customers, your job will take notice and IF they don’t fire you, they’ll definitely overlook you cone promotion time. Unsuccessful people are people who frown at and disrespect their clients and customers. Yes, clients can be stressful, unreasonable, and can cause frustration at times, but when you are being kind and respectful towards your clients and customers, you tend to get a better response from them.

  5. No professionalism. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is working with clients who have zero professionalism. I am a very relaxed person and I am also one of the goofiest people you will ever meet, but business is business and there is a time and place for everything. There is a certain level of decorum I expect anyone I work with to have. Lacking professionalism makes you look tacky and it will automatically be compared to the quality your work will be completed. It’s not a good look. I laugh and joke with my clients, but there is always a certain level of decorum and busines because how you carry yourself is a representation of yourself and your business. Unsuccessful people will not pay attention to things like that and talk to their clients as if they are their friends on the street. I’ve seen business owners cursing on the phone with me in an inappropriate way, call me after business hours with no regard to the time, and send me last minute texts to cancel or request something. All of these things are HIGHLY unprofessional and if this is you, I strongly suggest you start working on this habit right away.

  6. Always late. This used to be me. When I was in my late teens, right after high school, I was never on time for anything. I wasn’t on time for school, work, or even church. Sometimes I was less late than others, but I was still never on time. When I started my own business, I started to see firsthand how frustrating it was when people expected you to be a certain place at a certain time and then you’re just not there. Nobody has time to just wait on you to stroll in when you feel like it and I had to learn this lesson the hard way. Unsuccessful people miss out on so many opportunities due to being late. How? Being late speaks on your discipline and responsibility. It also goes right back to being dependable. If you say you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time or you’re scheduled to work at a certain time, then you should be responsible enough to do what needs to be done to get there on time. Now, I make sure that I arrive to my appointments and meetings ten minutes early because I want my clients and people I hire to depend on me and my word.

  7. No plan. I’m sure a big part of me saying this is because of my obsession with planning things. I NEED to plan things out when I have goals and plans. Still, not having a plan IS planning to fail. You can have all the biggest goals and dreams, but if you don’t have your plan on how you’re going to reach them, you won’t ever get there. A step by step guideline is always in order. If you don’t plan and just start doing things with no guidance, you could very well find yourself prolonging your growth because you did step five first and then realize that you have to go back now and do step one through four before step five will even matter. So be sure that you have some sort of plan to get things going.

These were actually wuite quite a few habits of unsuccessful people. I didn’t realize how many I had came up with until after writing them out. What are some things you’ve seen that unsuccessful people seem to make a habit that I didn’t mention?

I may consider taking each one of these habits and doing a series of posts on how to get rid of them. How do you guys feel about that? Comment down below if that’s something you’d be interested in!

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