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Habits of Successful People!

The secret to success is that there really is no secret. There are many different paths to success if I’m being honest. There are different curves and blocking roads for all of us. However, no matter what career field you may have chosen, all of the people ahead of the game all share similar habits.

On my YouTube Channel I did a video talking about these Habits of Successful People already, but I didn’t cover all of them. There are some habits I find consistent with Successful people that may be a surprise to you. Here are some things that may not expect but work for a lot of people who are successful in their fields.

Habits of Successful People

  1. Keep a journal. Successful people have an outlet that they can use to for word vomit. This basically means that they can just spill out any and everything that they are thinking rather it makes sense of not. Some journal first thing in the morning and others just write throughout their day. Jennifer Aniston keeps a journal where she writes out her emotions about work, relationships, and everything else. She has said in some interviews that it is like her personal therapy. This beautiful and famous actress is considered very accomplished in her field and journals to keep her head on straight so that she can continue to do her best work every day. A lot of Successful people are getting their daily emotions out on paper to get it out of their own head. I intend to soon start doing morning journals and note how that affects the rest of my day. I may do a blog post on it. What do you guys think about that?

  2. Taking time away from electronics. Social media can be draining. You ever notice how you can scroll through your Facebook and so many different things make you roll your eyes or some simple comment irritates your soul. I recently did a video where I did a social media detox and I found that afterwards I was refreshed and full of ideas. It’s necessary to take some time away from social media and phones and computers. That gives you time to connect with those around you and yourself. Steve Jobs didn’t allow his kids to spend all day on an electronic device… and he’s Steve Jobs. I work on social media and I still take a decent amount of time to unplug and just connect. It’s just a necessity for your mental health. That time away from the outside world can spark so many ideas.

  3. Good listeners. You ever heard the term “listen twice and speak once”. Successful people never dismiss outside ideas. They have things like think tanks where they open the doors to hear what others have to say. When you see profitable companies, they have open doors to speak to their supervisors to express their thoughts and emotions. Being successful does mean a certain amount of open mindedness.

  4. Maintain life balance. This kind of follows what I was saying in number two. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the video or not, but this is important and key to successful endeavors. I know that all the gurus says you have to live and breathe your business, but to be honest, that sounds very cultish. You need to have boundaries with yourself within your business. There should be time for family and friends and time for just yourself. If all you do is work, you’ll burnout. You will find yourself losing your passion and end up being a drone thagbjust works, eats, and sleeps. That’s not success. That’s actually pretty sad.

  5. Practice gratefulness. Your energy plays a big role in how things go for you in this world. If all you do is think about the things that you lack, you’ll continue to lack things. We all have something to be grateful for. If you’re reading this blog post, think about how many people don’t have a device to use like laptops and phones. You may not be where you want to be, but you’re further than you used to be. I spoke on my journey with being positive in my post Benefits of A Positive Mindset. I go a little further into detail about how negatively I used to think and how I didn’t believe anything positive was going to happen in my life. Along with that, I was ridiculously ungrateful. I was so blessed and didn’t act like it. Changing my view to practice gratitude on a regular basis and because of that I just receive so much that I can’t help but be grateful at this point.

Being successful takes work and dedication. It also takes the forming of specific habits. These are the Habits that separates those who are successful from those who are not. Those that achieve the most don’t start off by drastically changing their every behavior. They start by tweaking small things and forming better habits. These habits lead to better more influential behaviors.

What habits are holding you back right now? Starting one by one, what’s the first habit you think forming could help put you ahead? Should we do a Habits of UNsuccessful post? Comment below your thoughts!

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