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Do you really need to monetize your passions?

I get asked this all the time.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I am consistently asked if being multi-passionate really means I need to monetize everything I love to do.

So let's deep dive into this, shall we?

Do you need to monetize your passions?

I am passionate about a lot of things, here are just a few:

- Writing

- Self-development

- Movies, acting, theatre, etc.

- God

These are just to name a few things. Now are all of these things monetized? No. In fact, there are some things that I am passionate about that I keep all to myself, like art, clothing, and coffee mug collections (... although I know y'all know I love coffee). Most of these things I have no desire to even TRY to monetize them.

However, some of the things I do are indeed monetized and there is nothing wrong with trying to monetize your passion as long as you do it strategically and don't allow it to take over your life.

My e-book How To Do What You Love, I deep dive into exactly how to spend each day doing things you love to do. I touch on how to monetize and how to just have your passions in your life so you can experience daily joy.

Simplistic things in this e-book are touched on like:

- Time management

- Utilizing your support system

- Sacrificing the frivolous

But I also share some pretty difficult testimonies and things I went through as someone striving to do things I am passionate about. This includes a real look into my life living inside of a car.

Some things, as you will learn, can be just passion.

Not all passions are meant to be monetized because:

A. Monetizing something that you love can add pressure that removes the fun from what you're doing.

B. Monetizing some passions can literally water down the quality of work because of how much of it you have to produce to be successful.

If you are wanting to monetize your passions, here are some steps you'll need to take:

  1. Decide if you should. Is this worth monetizing? Will I enjoy doing this when I know people are expecting it from me?

  2. Do what you don't wanna do, so you can do what you do wanna do. In my e-book I go into depth about how I worked certain jobs and had to discipline myself to turn my dreams into a reality. It isn't just throwing yourself into it and BOOM success... nah.

  3. Time management. I go into depth in my e-book BUT this is really just something you need to master in order to be successful doing what you love. Planning out your days and being intentional is KEY.

  4. BUY MY E-BOOK ($10) where I break down pretty much EXACTLY how I did it, what I went through to get here, and how you can implement what I learned into your life.

Whether your passions are monetized or not, they deserve your regular attention.

Tell me: what are you truly passionate about?


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