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Can you really be passionate about multiple things?

A little while ago, I was having a conversation with an old friend. We were catching up and having a good ole time and he asked me what I did now. I told him that I was a freelancer, blogger, and youtuber. I was met with a weird silence. I asked him what was bothering him and he told me that he doesn’t understand why people would pursue multiple things like YouTube and blogging without it being necessary for their business. He claimed that when you’re passionate about more than one thing, you have to figure out which you loved the most and go with it.

This reminded me of a year and a half ago when my boyfriend was going on about the same things. He’s multi-talented and he struggled because he was unsure of which to go with. When I suggested that he just do both, he looked at me as if I grew a mushroom from my forehead. I’ve heard multiple times that you have to be super passionate about one thing and let that lead your life. You have to give your all to it and therefore you can’t be pursuing multiple things.

So can you be passionate about multiple things?

Short answer is yes. I am super passionate about a LOT of things. Therefore, I intend on doing a lot of things. I love blogging and making videos. I don’t care if they both take off. I will outsource as much as possible so that I can do the things that I love. I love being a social media manager. However, outside of these things I also love singing and children. Now, maybe I can’t go out and be a nanny like I used to be (personally I think I could but it would be very difficult) but I can still volunteer my time and work with children at church. I can still sing and I intend to.

Now, I am not saying that you should go delving into a million things at once. Perhaps you should focus on one at a time. Some people can pursue multiple passions at one time and manage all right. People like me prefer it that way. You have a full day of enjoying your life because you’re constantly doing what you love. As long as you are taking care of yourself nobody can tell you that you’re wrong. Making a plan and going for your Dreams is what we should be doing. Otherwise, you’ll always wonder if you would’ve succeeded.

Some people need to do things one at a time by focusing on one goal and then going for another. That doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it all.


Dont let anybody tell you that you can only have one dream. If you want to be both an actress and a chief… DO THAT. It doesn’t matter how incompatible it seems. I’m lucky enough to where most of my goals involve around influencing, but even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t let that stop me. So don’t let it stop you.

What are your passions? Do you have more than one? What dreams are you pursuing right now? Comment down below!

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