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6 Strategies To Create More Time

In order to be our best selves it is important that we utilize time wisely. During this scary time, I know a lot of us are working from home and in that spirit, even Though I know that it may SEEM we have more time, some of us are getting even less done than we were before.

So here are some productivity tips for creating more time whether you are working from home or not:

6 Strategies To Create More Time

Get Adequate Sleep

Getting proper sleep improves focus and allows you To get more quality things done in a quicker time frame because you’re not sluggish. In this time of the coronavirus, some people are over sleeping and wondering why they still feel sluggish.

To-do lists

I create both daily and weekly to-do lists. This will keep you on task and keep you from trying to decide what needs to be done because you already have it written out.

Wake up early

YES, even when you’re working from home and don’t have anywhere to go, you should still be waking up and starting your day right. This allows you to more time to accomplish your goals.

Stop Wasting Time

The truth is, a lot of us would get a lot more done if we’d stop wasting our time on things that distract us and that don’t serve any purpose. For example, did you REALLY need to watch three hours of that show or could you have just watched for an hour and spent two hours working on your goals? There are a lot of different ways we all distract ourselves and while our lives shouldn’t be work work work, it also shouldn’t be wasted Doing pointless things that distract us from our goals.


When you’re working, WORK. Cut off all distractions and buckle down. This will take discipline (it took me way more than I’d care to admit to sit down and type up this blog post). But it’s worth it when you have good quality work to show for it.


This is one of my favorites. Why? Because it takes all the work I have to do right out of it. Also because it allows experts in the areas I know nothing about to provide me with quality work. For example, a website designer created this website. I also had a graphic designer working on my pin images at one point. Another example is how I help my clients not worry about their social media because I take over those duties for them. (if you need help with social media, click on my services social media packages tab to get more info on what I provide).

These are 6 simple strategies. Hopefully you’ll be able to create more time in your day and accomplish more of your goals.

How do you create more time?


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