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YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

I loooooved the response to the people you should follow on social media so I wanna make it a thing!

Do you guys think I should do a blogger version as well? Comment below!



Her storytimes… TOP TIER! She is hilarious and does have genuine good energy! If you want to laugh and also see a beautiful woman do her makeup in the process… she’s the one!

Caleb Hayes

FOR ALL THE MUSIC LOVERS! He is one of my favorite artists who do covers on YouTube. He sung Naomi Scott’s Speechless And I was like yassss! Loved it.

D&T Nation

My best friends couples channel with her fiancé (soon to do videos with me and my fiancés channel). They are an LGBT YouTube couple that’s new to YouTube and are going to be about travel, food, fun, and LOVE. No problematic pranks or foolery, pure fun. So go check them out!

Domo Wilson

An inspiration from anyone who has followed her in the beginning. She is an OG YouTuber and artist. She is beautiful with a handsome son (he’s such a cutie). And she shares her life as a single mother with an autistic son and going to school to be a doctor plus being a content creator and investing in things. She’s amazing. Check her out!


I have been subscribed to her channel for awhile and she has grown so much. She is all about finding yourself and living as your authentic self. She posts vlogs and girl chats! She recently moved to Florida and her journey is DEFINITELY worth following! Go subscribe!

Jailin Damon

This is my little sister! She is a singer who recently started a channel to sing and her talent is amazing. She’s 17 and currently is doing Christmas songs but will be bringing you covers and possibly original music as well! Don’t miss out on young talent before she makes it big!


This young, black, queen literally GIIIIIVES. She does storytimes which is how I found her. But she actually runs a successful business doing clothes and does videos around that as well. She has a very colorful and fun personality! I genuinely love the mess out of her. She’s adorbs so check her out!

Lyn Allure

Another boss babe whom I love! She does videos about being a boss, quitting your 9-5, running an online business, etc. I liiive for her content cause her tips are always on point. If boss bitch s*** is what you want, make sure you go and subscribe to her channel!

These are my top picks! I watch a LOT of YouTube so they arent my only ones, if you got to my small youtuber support playlist on YouTube you’ll see LOTS more channels that are worth subscribing to!

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?