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Yearly Blessings

You guys know I LOOOOVE my monthly blessings segment and now we get to take our time and actually talk about all the top wonderful things that happened this YEAR.

The reason I do these posts is because I know that life can be difficult but we can also see the beauty in our lives if we focus on our blessings and positive things that have happened to us.

So let's talk about what yearly blessings happened this year! Don't forget to drop yours below in the comments!

Yearly Blessings

Outsourced more

I have actually made more in business this year than ever and worked so much less! It's a beautiful thing to own a business and have people work for you. It just makes me feel all boss-made PLUS things in my business getting handled by professionals!

Worked from home full time

That has been my goal for so long and here we are! So exciting!

Gained more sponsored content than EVER.

Every month I had at LEAST one sponsored post, and often more than one... especially for this blog! Which is so freaking exciting!

Got engaged


Started therapy again

Definitely something I really needed to get back into and I am completely grateful that I am

Had a great vacation with my family

We went to California for 10 days and it was so awesome!

Doubled, almost tripled last year's income

I feel like this especially is thanks to the people I have outsourced to, but it was so amazing this year to see the growth of my business and as an influencer, because I have been at this consistently for almost 4 years and making almost no money the first two!

Went to a wedding + my best friend got engaged

These two girls are my two closest friends in the entire world and one of them got married this year and the other got engaged! I couldn't be happier for both of them! Love it!

Met new people and networked

I went to networking events and met new people and it has been AMAZING! I am so excited to have met people like Tiara J and other YouTubers!

Increased my credit score by 125+ points

I worked hard on my credit score this year because we are working towards buying a house and I never worked on it before and it has made such a difference using things like Rebuilder Loan (and I got my first credit card at 24 years old.. don't judge).

So this year has been a complete WIN in my eyes!

What were your wins for 2021?


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