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Why You Need A Mentor

I am a strong believer in mentors. I didn't used to think they were important until I started investing in some virtual mentors in 2018 and I realized why they hold so much value.

There are two types of mentors. There's virtual mentors who you never meet in person, and sometimes never even speak to directly, but you still listen to the value they have to offer and use that to apply to your life. Then, there are actual mentors you know personally and speak to directly and they give you guidance advice. I will write a blog post later talking about which one would probably work best for you, BUT in the meantime let's talk about why either one would be a positive.

Why you need a mentor

You'll have a sounding board

A lot of times what we really need is someone to listen to our ideas and thoughts who have expertise in our field. I reached out to one of my virtual mentors, Angel Richardson, when I was considering starting my social media business from home. She was able to give me some invaluable advice and tips to get me started.

Help with ideas

A mentor can take ideas and help you add to them to get those creative juices flowing. That is one thing I love about watching Amy Landino. She always ends up sparking something that leads to more content for this blog and my YouTube Channel.

Honest and Positive Constructive Criticism

Criticisms are expected and important when it comes to succeeding in business or your career in general. However, getting criticism from people who don't know about your field of work isn't always as valuable or constructive and can do more harm than good. However, hearing it from someone who knows what you're trying to do and understands that field that you TRUST can help you get better by giving you honest criticism.

We all need to be pushed every now and again

One of the biggest things a mentor can do for you is give you motivation and inspiration. Watching Amy Landino and Erin Henry are constantly reminding me of exactly why I need to get off my butt and get to it when I don't feel like it.

Do you have a mentor? Virtual or Personal? I have virtual mentors, but I am soon going to be attempting to make a connect with one to exchange ideas with physically and I recently learn that I am someone else's mentor. That's a BIG honor and responsibility but I am very excited about it!

Do you guys want to hear about how to choose a mentor? Let me know!