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Why "Team Positivity" is Toxic

I actually feel like such a traitor saying this. I have always been considered a member of team positivity.

Do any of you OG's remember when my YouTube intro was "Welcome to Cherishingflo where we're all about love, positivity, being a girl boss and everything in that vicinity?" Haha.

Well, don't get it twisted, I still only welcome positive vibes. I try m y best to keep a positive mindset.

But lately the community has become something kind of creepy and gross and so I need to express why it is that the modern day version of "Team Positivity" is not only toxic.. but doesn't even really exist.

Why Team Positivity is Toxic

It negates natural emotions

For a long time I found myself arguing with this narrative that I was always happy and motivates because I never showed my negative emotions and then if I did, I was attacked or lectured by other "positive" people. The truth is... nobody is happy all the time and when you get upset... you're allowed to be upset. It's normal. Team positivity tried to stifle anger, sadness, frustration, and other negative emotions by painting over it with positivity which is ridiculous.

It forces unrealistic expectations for how people should react to things

When bad things happen, HOWEVER you feel... you're allowed to feel that way and team positivity will try and put you in a bubble of "bounce back quick" or you won't be able to be considered a positive person.

It promotes bottling in emotions.

The only way a person can be "positive" all the time is to bottle in the negative emotions. Let me be clear: NOBODY IS HAPPY ALL THE TIME. Even the nicest most positive person you know has their moments. When you bottle in your feelings... they'll come out sooner or later and usually in an explosion.

It's often not genuine at all.

I won't even get into how many self supposed positive people who were actually just passive aggressive and judgmental.

Am I a positive person? Yes. But I am also a hot head, I stress myself out, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am DIRECT and quick to tell someone when they've upset me.

I strongly believe the good and bad can coexist as long as you never let the bad overtake you. Feel your negativity and then let it move on so you can focus on the good.

Are you a member of "Team Positivity"?


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