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Why is Self-Development So Important?

  1. Recently, I was asked by a personal friend of mine why I put so much emphasis on self-development. They wanted to know why I found it’s so important. Honestly, I was taken aback because I never thought I’d need to explain the sheer necessity that is self-development. Then, I realized that there are probably so many people out there who don’t think of self-Development and don’t put conscious effort towards it.

Everyone wants to be great and to be successful. Well, self-Development is the key to that.

So, why is self-Development so important?

  1. You learn your weaknesses. Self-Development brings your flaws that are holding you back front and center. Not only does it force you to face your weaknesses and shortcomings, but it also gives you the tools necessary to start bettering these issues. You begin to learn about yourself and how you operate. When I started delving into bettering myself using self-development, I discovered that I was relentlessly impatient. I realized that I rushed results from myself and from others. Not a good look when you’re into social media management and marketing, right? Definitely isn’t a good look when you’re an influencer trying to build your brand because these things don’t happen overnight. Luckily, this has been something I’ve worked on once realizing in it. As you learn what needs to be worked on and you start the process of working on those weakness, you get closer and closer to success.

  2. You’re never stagnant. I am constantly working on myself. I am always putting forth maximum effort in order to grow inwardly. People who are successful are constantly working on themselves.  I know that I want to continue to grow and self-development puts me in the position to always be moving forward towards a goal. Singers like Chris Brown (first example to come to mind) started out with this amazing cute voice that people loved. Then, after his “success” he began to grow by taking voice lessons. Now, his range is wider and his control is better. Listen to the first song you ever heard by him and think of the difference. The best thing about Self-Development is you never run out of ways to improve.

  3. You grow your confidence. When you look back and see how far you’ve grown and matured, you gain a new pep in your step. Working on yourself and seeing the evidence of the work uplifts your mood and belief in yourself because you’re a witness to how you can transform into something better which only gives you the confidence to progress forward with the knowledge that whatever is to come, you’re going to get better. The more I learn and the more I write and practice at the things I’m working on, the more confident I become on the things that I do and my abilities.

  4. It places you out of your comfort zone. Growth, as I’m sure you’ve heard a million times, doesn’t happen in your comfort zone. Everything I stated before this as a benefit for you being successful won’t come easily. It’s going to be difficult and it’s going to push you into a corner where you’re forced to grow up. Now, this may sound like a negative thing to some, but to me, I saw this as an opportunity to become the best me ever. I want to live outside of my comfort zone so that I’m always getting better at what I do. You ever hear the term “growing pains”? Well, more proof that you cannot grow and be better without a little discomfort along the way.

To be honest, I am only regretful of waiting so long to start working on myself. There’s no telling how far I would’ve been if I had paid attention to self-Development before I did. Regardless, there’s never an age too late to begin working on bettering yourself and your craft. There’s no such thing as the top and the possibilities for your success are endless. I am a strong believer that we can all succeed, but one thing that people who are not successful tend to do is point outwardly to try to find the secret to success when the answer to success in your life is inward. It’s all about personal growth and growing your skills.

Hopefully that made sense for anyone who may be wondering why so many people are turning to self-Development “gurus” and “experts” who are coaching people on this topic.

So are you working on your self-Development! If you weren’t before, do you think you will now? Comment your thoughts on self-development and rather or not it’s really vital for success? I’d love to hear from you!

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