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Why I Hate "Hustle Culture:

I am literally considered to be the "hustle" Queen, but the more I am in business, the more frustrating I find the terminology because of the way it has been perverted to mean some foolishness that it is not.

"Gotta want it as bad as you wanna breathe"

"You can sleep when you're dead"

What? Why would you want something as frivolous as money as bad as you want to BREATHE. When life is over, it's OVER. Are you telling me that monetary success is important enough to be sought after as much as LIVING. The thing you can only do once and is super short?

I am all for wanting and demanding wealth. I have every intention of having money, but thinking about wanting success as bad as breath and sacrificing healthy sleeping patterns is utterly ridiculous and has people greatly neglecting things that matter more.

I am admittedly a workaholic. I love working. I love being busy and having a booked schedule, but you know what? I also love balance, self care, and mental health. And there is nothing healthy about equating "hustle culture's" version of success to life itself. Money comes and goes. It's something so simple and easy to get and once that mindset becomes clear, you realize that there's other things that once its gone... it'll never come back. Such as time and life itself.

Not to mention how to hustle culture belittles the 9-5 working man which I find infuriating cause they make the world go round.

Hustle culture needs a mindset shift.

Instead of getting two hours of sleep, sleep for your FULL 8-10 hours. In my e-book "How To Do What You Love", I break down how I built my brand/business without sacrificing who I am and by managing my time wisely.. not sacrificing my sleep or my mental health. You don't have to risk your health to be successful.

You will have to make some sacrifices. You have to instill more discipline than motivation. You have to be more open and honest with yourself and how hard you're actually working and managing your time, but I promise you... you do not have to get two hours of sleep and become a recluse for years to be successful.

Work smarter, not harder.

That should be the message spread more often in hustle culture. It was when I began to do THIS that I started to see actual growth within my business. Because coming as your best is how you have true success.

What are your thoughts about "hustle" culture?


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