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Why Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It is one of my favorite things without a doubt!

I am one of those people that start blasting Christmas music November 1st and who loves how early stores are putting Christmas stuff out.

Despite not being able to understand WHY anyone would dislike Christmas, I get asked all the time why I love it so much.

So we are about to get into why I LOVE Christmas!


Christmas Trees

Have you ever just LOOKED at a Christmas Tree? They are BEAUTIFUL and I am obsessed! This year we decorated our tree as a family on Thanksgiving and it is officially one of my favorite trees and my favorite memories. The process of decorating a tree is such a huge thing. Hard not to love!

Christmas Movies

They are TOP TIER! Freaking Home Alone… THE GRINNNNNCCCHHHHH! Christmas movies warm your heart in every way. All of them do it. It’s A Wonderful Life. Soooo mm mm top tier… POLAR EXPRESS?! Ok.. let me calm down. I’m over here getting giddy as I type lol!

People tend to be nicer

There is an energy about this time of the year. People are smiling. Children are excited. Families are joking together. It's such beautiful energy.

I love giving gifts

Honestly, my fiancé has chastised me multiple times in the past about doing too much for the Holidays but I LOOOOVE gifting my family. Seeing people all happy when opening something I got for them makes me happy. And that Christmas morning energy where everyone is anticipating and exciting and I love it!


Christmas is like Thanksgiving Part 2! Food galore! Nuff said.

Christmas Music

Something about Christmas music makes me feel joyful and energized. It gives such positive energy. Songs about snow, love, family fun… I am huge on family and while yes depression gets me, the ability to focus on the love of Christmas is HUGE for me.

So those are my reasons for being obsessed with Christmas!

Do you love Christmas? Tell me why or why not!


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